Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lessons from a book

A little while back my mother gave me a book to read. I thanked her but put it aside because I was so "busy" with my own life and the problems it involved that I didn't have time to read. At least, that was my excuse. I wonder how many mistakes I could have avoided if I had just read the book instead of putting it aside and forgetting about it?
Well, mistakes were made and I paid a heavy price for them, but I am learning now.

The book in question is called "Fascinating Womanhood" and it is written by Helen Andelin. It is so imformative, has wonderful teachings and it has worked in many lives so it is not just hear-say! I am reading it now for the first time and it has so many wonderful lessons. I can hardly put it down once I start reading and I even take it to work with me to read whenever it gets too quiet.

Helen Andelin starts out by describing the ideal woman for a man. There are so many different qualities but when they are all combined they form the ideal woman for a man.
This wonderful woman consists of two sides: the Angelic and the Human. I have made a list of the qualities of each of them below.

The Angelic Qualities:
Understands men
Has inner happiness
Has a worthy character
Is a domestic goddess
The Angelic qualities awaken a feeling near worship. They bring a man peace and happiness.

The Human Qualities:
Is feminine
Radiates happiness
Has a radiant health
Is childlike
The Human qualities fascinate, amuse, enchant and arouse a tender desire to protect and shelter.

I found this really interesting as it explains what men see in certain women. I never did understand that, somehow, but then when I read this it helped me to understand as well as to see where I could change myself in becoming more like the ideal woman. Some might think that there is nothing to change but that isn't so. There is always room for improvement.

For instance, you might think you have all those qualities, but you can always refine them, grow in them. Health won't stay unless you maintain it, nor will any of the other qualities, come to think of it. It takes hard work, and continuous hard work at that.

The book then goes on to give advice on how to make a man happy and to keep him happy. One of the main points was to accept him and not try to change him. This is, I find, a valuable point because how many of us women want to change and shape a man to what we want him to be instead of loving him for who and what he is? Its the biggest cause for broken marriages, bad relationships and split families. I was shocked while I was reading that chapter because even though we don't realise it, we try to change our men. And that is just not right, no matter how you look at it. I have determined that I will try my very best never to try and change my husband. He is a free moral agent and I need to accept him for who he is. In return, he will change all by himself but it won't cause problems. Instead it will promote unity and peace in the home.

One other lesson I learnt is that I need to tell him constantly how much I admire him, not only his strength and looks, but his character, what he does for me and our family and the work he does. Its so easy to just take these all for granted but we as women really need to tell our men how much they mean to us. They need it!! Just as much as we need love, they need admiration. Something to think on, don't you agree?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Music to my Soul

All of life is like one big song
Written as the days fly along
Every person you will meet
Adds their own special beat

My song is like a symphony
High notes and lows alike
Ever since I realised
The meaning in my life

You share all my thoughts
Not to mention all my dreams
Our melodies are similar
We're meant to be, it seems

And so I want to thank you
For all that you mean to me
For writing all the love notes
In this, my life's best symphony

You are the music to my soul

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nearer To You

A song I hear at night in bed
Your voice resounding in my head
Melody soft, haunting and true
Drawing me nearer, nearer to you

Across the seas my thoughts fly low
Wanting to reach you, to let you know
That even when I'm fast asleep
The sound of your voice in my dreams I keep

During the day, between all my work and the phone
I think of you and know I am not alone
Sighing as I think of your catching smile
Yet I know we'll be together in a little while

God knows our thoughts, dreams and hopes
He knows what we can take, how we cope
If we keep His Law and do our part
Soon He will grant the desires of our heart

So though we be far at this moment in time
Do not despair but continue to climb
To the top of life's mountain, my dear
And soon, very soon, I will meet you there

Friday, November 17, 2006

A bit of Silliness...

This is just a bit of silliness, really. I was thinking of writing another song or poem but I can't seem to find any inspiration for that right now and so while I was sitting thinking of that I remembered one little funny conversation which I thought would be amusing to write down here.


MRS. B : I never realised this room was so stuffy...since getting this cold I can't smell too well but I can just feel the stuffiness in here. And it smells a bit strange...Of course YOUR odour doesn't help too much either, you know. Quite a powerful smell you have going there!

LEEKY: Well, eish, THANKS Mrs. B, I am sure I am obliged to know that.

MRS. B: (starts laughing)

LEEKY: I mean, if it was really that bad you could just have said so nicely...been a bit more subtle about it, you know? Seriously, though, couldn't you have been just a little more diplomatic than that? Honestly!! (pained expression)

MRS. B: (the tears are rolling from the laughter now!) my dear...oh...(more laughter)

LEEKY: You're laughing??? *outraged look* You can't even apologise? Well...*huff* I say, my feelings are injured!

MRS. B: (wipes her eyes dry) My darling! I wasn't talking to you...I was talking about my
dog! Really, I would never say anything like that about you!!

LEEKY: Oh yes, I know that. I was just kidding around (a small chuckle escaped and I
couldn't help laughing)

MRS. B: You're so funny! Silly girl...but don't worry, I still love you.

LEEKY: I know you do, Mrs. B, I know you do. *little smile*

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Butterfly

A dainty little butterfly
Flew across my path one day
I stopped and watched its journey
Through the flowers in the path

Her little wings were dotted
With pink and yellow spots
Tiny black and white body
With azure blue wings

She flitted from bud to flower
Stopping every now and then
To sip the pollen nectar
From the sweetened buds

She looked so happy carefree
Not a worry in the world
I wished for one short second
To be just like that butterfly

Floating through each day
Without a care in the world
Sipping life's sweet nectar
With time just passing by

The second passed by quickly
As I saw your face before me
I smiled and heard this song
A refrain echoing in my head

Don't worry my sweet
I'm there with you
In thoughts and heart
Don't fly away on me

Don't worry my honey
I'll always be there
You're the flower in my life
Will always be my only

When a second little butterfly
Passed me by that day
I just smiled and watched it
Going on its merry way

My life is full and happy
And each day holds surprises
You bring the smile to each day
Just with your presence in this world

I laugh and sing this refrain
As I watch the little butterfly
Flit from bud to blossom
And go along her way

Don't worry my sweet
I'm there with you
In thoughts and heart
Don't fly away on me

Don't worry my honey
I'll always be there
You're the flower in my life
And will always be my only

Note to all Readers...

Dear Readers,

This is just a note to tell you that all songs, poems and suchlike on this blog have been copyrighted and are not for copying or recording or for self use. They are merely on this blog for the enjoyment of my friends and family and any others who stumble on this page.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement!

Stay happy!

Angelupé Leeky

Friday, November 10, 2006 own

Life is understanding
I am part of life
I am understanding

To exist is to change
I exist
Therefore I change

Life belongs to the living
I am living
Therefore I have life

Spread a little Happiness

I hear the birds singing in the trees
As I walk by I smile to myself
And wonder how my life would be
In a different place, in a different time

There’s happiness in my heart
And I want to spread it all around me
Such joy needs to be shared
With everyone, everywhere

So let’s spread a little happiness
Spread a little happiness today
Smile at people as you pass them by
And soon they will be smiling too

With the birds singing and the bees buzzing
How can anyone possibly be sad?
Life is a blessing that we’re given every day
It’s a reason to sing, to rejoice, today

So let’s spread a little happiness
Spread a little happiness today
Smile at people as you pass them by
And soon they will be smiling too

Spread a little happiness
Let happiness be spread

My Heart

Don’t leave me to face this world on my own
I can’t do it without you here by my side
You give me strength
You give me hope
You give the love I need to carry on
You are my inspiration, you are my life

Please don’t leave me now, don’t go
My world is such an empty place without you
Without you here
Without you near
There is no life in my heart, no love
You are the entire world to me, my heart

I can’t see a future without you here
I’ve waited so long to be with you
And now here I am all alone, once more

Don’t leave me to face this world on my own
I can’t do it without you here by my side
You give me strength
You give me hope
You give the love I need to carry on
You are my inspiration, you are my life

You are the entire world to me, my heart


I am sitting here at my computer listening to some music and letting my thoughts wonder over my life and how much has changed since I was a little girl.

I remember when this little town was just that...a little town. Now it is a big city, almost overpopulated! There are too many cars, too many people, and too many bars. When out-of-towners ask me what there is to do in this town, I can just look at them and shrug, because there really isn't anything to do. Unless you're a bar-fly, in which there are numerous bars to visit. For somebody who likes outdoor sports, climbing, horse-riding, bowling, skating or abseiling, there just isn't anything to do. There was supposed to be an ice-skating rink going up but then it just never materialised, and instead of the rink we got another night club.

I remember walking to school in the mornings and then walking home in the afternoons. I used to help out at the library, packing the shelves and so on. It was lots of fun and I got to read a lot as well. Then we moved up to the farm and if I thought there was nothing to do in town...there was even less to do on the farm, although we were kept busy enough with schoolwork and exploring, in the first few years.

Then my sister and I got a job on a dairy farm. Boy was that fun!! We had some really great years working there. Our boss was just totally awesome and we enjoyed spending our mornings and afternoons there. We used to get up at 4am, cycle to the dairy, do the milking and chores and then cycle home again at around 9am. Then we used to do our schoolwork and other household chores before hopping on the bikes and toodling off back to the dairy for afternoon milking. The people we worked with were also really humorous and we got a lot of laughs out of work.

It was on this dairy farm that I had the run in with the pig. And ever since then I have been very anti-pig!! See, there was this positively HUGE sow and she had a whole dozen or more little squealing piglets. So I got the job of feeding them every day. One day the sow decided I had taken too long to bring the food, I got too close to the little piglets and she gave one outraged snort before charging me.

I got such a fright I dropped the buckets with the whey and turned tail and ran as fast as I could. It obviously wasn't fast enough because I heard her grunting right behind me! I made it around the tree and then she caught up with me and bit me on the leg. Luckily for me I was wearing not only water boots, but also my trusty pair of bell-bottom jeans. These were very thick, very loose, and very protective against annoyed pigs. So I only ended up with a scratch on my leg instead of a mangled leg. My jeans and boot, however, were ruined!

After that I got someone else to give the pigs food. I sure wasn't going to risk going around there again and I am sure the pigs weren't going to miss me anyways.
So I took over the feeding of the calves instead. They were a lively bunch and I gave all of them names. They were so cute whilst they were still small but as soon as they got bigger they got meaner and more out of hand. I had a lot of trouble keeping them in the pens they were supposed to be in.

That year a lot of the calves got sick. The weather was very bad and the grass almost permanently wet so there was a lot of pneumonia going around. My favourite little calf died as did two of my other calves. One or two of the cows also died. It was very sad, especially since one of the cows who died was my boss's favourite cow. She was amazing and gave us such a lot of milk. She also regularly covered my sister in cow muck whilst milking. Seems to me the milking machines gave her diarrhea and so she had a very nervous stomach. It was hilariously funny to watch my sister's face, though, whenever this happened.

I think what I liked most about those younger years is that life was so carefree. We didn't have to worry about rent, buying groceries or making the budget balance. We didn't have to worry about transport or what people thought of us. In fact, we didn't really care what people thought about us. We lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it.

Today things have changed. Almost everyone is worried what people are going to say about them, about fashion and what's in and what's out. They're stressed about fitting in, being part of the group, going with the flow. Money has become such a big issue that many lives are lost because of it. There are more murders, suicides and deaths than in previous years.

And yet...we're supposed to have progressed, if people are to be believed. Somehow, I think we're just going backwards. Slowly moving towards total destruction. One day, this world will wake up to that fact but then it will be almost too late.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Friend

I dedicate this poem to you, my friend
Before your life began, it reached its end
I didn't know you all that well, yet still
Thinking of you, tears down my cheeks did spill

Bravely you fought this long battle hard
Gave not up even when dealt this harsh card
Your faith remained right until the very end
I've learnt such lessons from you, my friend

To fight even when life gets you low
To carry on, to win the race we know
Such rewards are they that wait on all
Who open their eyes, who hear the Call

Thank you, friend, for your great example
And although your life was but a small sample
Of that which it could well have been
Your battles and victories went not unseen

So I dedicate this poem to you, my friend
Before your life began it reached its end
You'll be remembered and loved forevermore
We'll see you again...that's for sure!

Limerick attempt....

There was a young horse called Totem
Who wouldn't behave till you smote him
He rode in the wild
Behaved like a child
That crazy young horse called Totem

Monday, November 06, 2006

To Farm or Not to Farm Part 2

My mom named the chicken Big Hen because she was so big and to this day we still remember her as Big Hen. The name just stuck.
she gave us eggs quite regularly as long as she was in the mood to lay and we kept her fed fat. Eventually she became very tame.
what did we get out of this? I got the job of feeding and watering her and my sister got a few cracked ribs from her fall. The few eggs weren't quite compensation for the trouble she had but we decided to wipe the slate clean when Big Hen gave us Cheep.

Cheep was the only chick that hatched out of a batch of ten eggs. At first the gg didn't want to break open properly and so we had to help the little chick out of her prison. After which Big Hen decided that it wasn't her baby and why should she look after it? So we had to raise Cheep ourselves. No easy task!

During the day she would snuggle up with whoever got to her first in the mornings. Sometimes she would snuggle deep down inside my rollneck sweater, next to my neck. At nights she would sleep on a hot water bottle inside a box. We had to change the bottle at least once throughout the night. Through the next few months Cheep became a favourite with everyone, including all our other pets and any visitors who popped by. She had a way of behaving more like a cat or a dog than a chicken and most of the time we could forget that she was a chicken.

One day she laid her first egg. What a surprise it was for poor Cheep!
AAAAH! Where did that come from??
Its an egg, silly, you laid it!
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Oh, well I guess that's okay then.

After that she just called us to tell us she had laid an egg and it was waiting to be picked up and then she was off on her foraging again.
Two months later she died mysteriously and we really missed her a lot. She was also the last chick that we ever fact, she was the last chick point.

The reason for this was that we had to get rid of our rooster. His name was Speckles and he turned out to be a complete beast! He took to attacking our animals and even our dogs were cowed by him. He pecked two holes in my lamb's muzzle and it took weeks for that to heal. She lost quite a lot of blood and I was wondering if I was going to have to write an obituary for her soon.
We held a meeting and decided that he just had to go, so my dad pulled out the axe and we gave him the chop. He was certainly a tough old took Mother over four hours to cook him!!

So we were back to just having old Big Hen around and she got used to being quite spoilt.
And then she did something totally unforgivable. She became so tame that she took to roosting on the kitchen windowsill. You might think that there is nothing wrong with that but you didn't have to clean the wall and veranda every two or three days, nor did you you have to live with the smell of fresh chicken manure. I took to quoting Gerald Durrel's brother Larry every time I had to clean up the mess.
"Look at this! Now we're expected to wade knee deep in guano!!"
I am convinced that, had that been the only unforgivable act she committed, we would have forgiven her soon enough. Instead, she had to take it one step further and every morning after my dad left for work, she would wander into the kitchen and potter around looking for spiders and moths.
It took a while for us to realize what was going on but one morning the truth was knocked into my sister. I don't think she had much luck in those days and I used to feel quite sorry for her.

One morning she dashed into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before she had to milk (she was running late) and the next thing she was sliding across the tiled floor waving her arms and wobbling all over trying to keep her balance. I'm afraid it didn't help much and two seconds later she landed with a big thud on the floor...and into some more evidence.

From that moment on, Big Hen was banished to the chicken run. The whole family was warned that if they felt sorry for her and let her out, they would have to clean up the mess by themselves!
We had no more trouble from her after that. And she must have felt really bad about the episode because she gave us one egg every day, sometimes we even got two, till the day she died.

To Farm or Not to Farm Part 1

It all started with two dogs, one chicken and one goat. At that stage we had just moved up to the farm and we were loving every minute of it! Everyone just wanted to explore every inch of the farm, the house and every other place in sight. The house was perfect for us, the rooms large and spacious and oh joyous! there were actually two bathrooms. This might not seem like an awesome discovery to you, but to us it was wonderful. Trust me, when there are four women in the house, one bathroom just ain't enough. Especially if three of those women happen to be teenagers, each going through a different phase.

Our dogs were very surprised at all the space. Jock was a Staffy and Lady was a rottweiler cross something or other. The day we moved up to the farm was a real scorcher, so both dogs found a spot in the garden and collapsed. Typically, Lady picked a piece of ground under the massive lemon tree, promptly dug a hole large enough to hold not only herself but three other dogs as well, and then stretched out and slept.
Jock, on the other hand, had discovered the big tank outside the kitchen. He sat under the tap and then when we didn't get the point he scowled, pouted and eventually started howling. We got the point...and turned on the tap. Ice cold water gushed out and poured down his chubby face. He grinned!
Humans, he decided, weren't too stupid after all. It just takes a bit of persuasion and hinting, that's all.

It took ages to move all the boxes and furniture where we wanted them but eventually we had everything unpacked and were nicely settled in.
That is when all the trouble started. After getting settled in, I mean. It always happens with this family. We get settled into a place and then the trouble starts. I suppose this time I can't really call it trouble, at least, not in the strict sense of the word.
It wasn't long before everyone, including all the animals in the vicinity, figured out that we were a bunch of suckers. Obviously, we were the only ones who didn't figure it out until it was too late.

Our neighbor had a lot of chickens that he kept in a big run. Every morning they were let out to scratch and roam around in the fields. One morning, after a night of rain and hail, one of the chickens became adventurous and got into our garden where it calmly proceeded to scratch up the newly planted-only-last-week pansies. This was undoubtedly a disaster of the most grave nature. It had my sister in a terrible rage.
A chicken was in HER flowers!!
I sent up a silent prayer for the chicken, who was still blissfully unaware of the stir it was causing, knowing that there was a chance it just wouldn't survive the next few minutes. I had, however, forgotten all about Mother.
My sister dashed outside and left all the doors open behind her. I heard her yelling insults and abuse at the chicken whilst that adventurous fowl tore around the front lawn looking very much as if it wished it could fly. For one tiny second I saw roast chicken with fresh peas and potatoes and then I ran off to help my sister catch the sinning chicken.

We should have been more careful, we should have known that in a few seconds all would turn to chaos. We, however, were only aware of the chicken and weren't capable of reasoning with Murphy about his very tiresome law.

With a yell that could be heard all the way to the next farm, my sister took a flying leap at the passing chicken. Naturally she missed, lost her balance, slipped on the very wet grass and landed with a terrible thud and a howl of pain and frustration on the grass. For a minute I thought the breath must have been knocked out of her but before I could even get near her she was up with a leap and after that doomed chicken. (I hope you haven't forgotten about Mother...)

Remember the open doors? Well, in all the excitement, we had forgotten them. With a small cackle of triumph that fiendish fowl neatly sidestepped a tackle, ducked under my legs and disappeared into the house. We saw it waddle quickly down the passage and skid around the corner and into my sister's bedroom. Oh boy! That chicken is so roasted now!!

All the doors were carefully shut and then we tried once more to catch that terrible fowl. My sister, still quite upset with said fowl, was prepared to forgive and forget now that she had calmed down slightly, only she forgot all her good intentions when she saw (or rather, smelt) what said bird had done under her bed! For days that room smelt so bad she had to sleep on the couch in the living room.
That's it, I thought, that chicken doesn't have a hope in the world now. Not a prayer, nada.
I had, however, forgotten Mother.

"But sweetheart, just think! Fresh eggs for breakfast (quite clever, Mother, knowing full well my sister's favourite was scrambled eggs), and if we get a rooster we can hatch out some eggs and raise the chicks and then we will have more chickens...yes of course we'll keep them in a run..."

Needless to say, it didn't turn out that way at all. be continued

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Yes, indeed it does! Read on and you'll see what I mean!

I was about fifteen or sixteen, dreadfully vain and with an ego that reached new heights with every compliment I received. I spent long minutes in front of the mirror, brushing my hair, putting on face creams, preening. Pretty pathetic, now that I am older and all things considered. At the time, however, I didn't see anything wrong in it.

I went down to the beach one day and the weather was so wonderful I decided to go for a swim. I grabbed a towel, kicked off my shoes and walked down to where the sand started. When I got there I saw our local rugby (football) team busy practising on the sand. I immediately stood up straighter, sucked in my stomach, flicked my hair over my shoulder and started the short walk onto the sand and to the rocks where I could leave my things whilst swimming. I threw my towel onto the sand, pulled off my shirt and tossed it along with my sarong, next to my towel. And then I darted towards the water, hair flying!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....OOEMPFF!!! I hit the sand and lay there for a few seconds, completely stunned. This just couldn't be happening to me...only it was, it had and I was now aware that the whole rugby team had stopped playing and were watching me with scarcely controlled mirth. I felt the blush move up along my neck, reach my ears and carry on up. I was burning with embarrassment but the longer I lay there, the worse it was going to get. So up I jumped with a big smile pasted on my face and took off again towards the water.

3, 2, 1....AAARGH!!! KADOEF! Oh woes! I lay there, my mouth filled with sand, my nose all squished up. Could this get any worse? I shouldn't have asked...I heard muffled laughter coming from behind me. Oh the shame, the embarrassment! I closed my eyes and wished the earth could just swallow me up and that this could all just be a bad dream from which I would wake. I tentatively opened one eye but I was still lying in the sand.

Oh well, it could not get any worse so I jumped up again and made a last passionately hopeful attempt at reaching the water before embarrassing myself further...but it just wasn't to be. I hadn't taken more than ten steps before I fell for the third time. I was shattered! I could hear the guys guffawing on the beach and their laughter just made me blush all the more.

I crawled the last few paces to get completely into the water and there I stayed, my back towards the beach. I didn't want to see them, didn't want them to see how red my face was, how embarrassed I was.
And then, treacherous humor! I felt my mouth start to twitch and I could feel the laughter bubbling up inside me. The ridiculousness of the situation struck me in waves and I burst out laughing.

I was still giggling to myself an hour later when (after making sure the guys had all left) I walked out of the surf and went back to my chalet.

That day served to teach me a very valuable lesson: Pride does indeed come before a fall!!

Haiku Attempt...

Old water badger
Who loves to eat small fish
Very dear to me

Water badger big
In winter does he eat
More and more and more

Tiny mouseling babe
Cosy warm with water badger
In their little home

Sprintime comes again
With it water badger dear
Eating ripened fruit