Monday, December 24, 2007


Since I moved I have been unable to write on my blog as I no longer have computer access at the place I am staying. However, I got up really early this morning to sneak a few minutes on the computer before everyone else woke up and our exciting day begins! I am in York at the moment and a more beautiful place I have yet to see in this country. True, I haven't exactly been many places but the view from my room is just so spectacular. Nothing can compare with home, though, and staring out the window I became progressively more and more homesick, longing for the familiar smells and sights of my home country.

I digress...familiar word :) Anyways, about two weeks or more ago a friend and I were discussing possibilities for a little getaway and so we are now here in York and its been a lovely one day so far. Its still dark outside and I can't really tell what the weather will hold for us but I do know that it will be a stunning day no matter what the weather because we are going to go ice skating as well as walking the wall around the city and then tonight we will be back in the recreation room (its actually almost a cellar like place with tables and benches and a lovely, cute little bar) for another evening of fun and games. I am really glad to be here as it is so quiet and peaceful. Weirdest of all is that I had about three hours or so of sleep but I am awake and ready for the day. I spent a lot of time staring out my window and listening to the rain falling outside and then, I have to admit, my mind once more flew to the far reaches of Africa, back to my home and my family. I drifted off to sleep with tears on my pillow and a longing to see my precious family once again.

I feel like I am missing out on all the important things happening there and every time I see the non-existent sunrise or notice the missing aromas in the air, I remember my home and think how much I would like to be back there and see my family and my cat and the people that I could greet every day.

One day I will go back home. Home is, after all, where the heart is. And mine is definitely at home with my family right now!
Amazing how one doesn't miss something until you don't have it. In this strange country, I have missed my family more and more each day. At least now, though, I have learned how to value them more and its a lesson I will not forget!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moving yet again...hang on...moved yet again!

Well, this is a bit weird. I have finished up working at the hospital and I am now currently unemployed yet again and in search of a job. Its a bit of a strange feeling because now I am once again searching for a job and yet I find myself strangely reluctant to actually get one. I like this whole stay-at-home habit I have got going. I got so used to cleaning the house, getting food on the stove and ready for whoever wanted to eat and making sure I had all my paperwork done that it was just awful thinking of having a full time job again. I might actually try and get a half day job or something because I just can't stomach the idea of a full time office job again. Perhaps I am too I said the word homey a while back and my colleague looked at me as though I was out of my mind! Don't know why but I guess it wasn't a good thing so I suppose I better say homely instead.

RIght, well, since I have not written for quite some time I better update you all as to what I have been up to. I have just moved (today) to the country and it is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! For the first time I can see the stars clearly and the moon is just breath-takingly beautiful tonight. I have been outside a couple of times just to look because its been so long since I have seen the moon looking so gorgeous. Also, the place I am staying in has eight cats and although they are not all as friendly as I would like, there is already one ginger one who has made himself at home on my bed which is just fine with me as I really miss my cat from back home and to have that comforting purring and presence on my bed at night will definitely help me to sleep better now in the future. Also, its just so amazingly beautiful out here and there is so much to do and so many places to go walking and jogging and there is an outside gym and I can do pilates here as I have someone to do it with plus there is a place I can go horse-riding which I wasn't able to do in London, obviously, and there is the most amazing view from my room just goes on and on!!! I can't begin to explain what a relief and a wonderful experience it is for me to be out here and I am sure that you will be hearing a lot more of all my experiences since I will probably have more time to write than I have before. Plus more things to write about. Because hey, be honest, in London, nothing much happens. Its all the same old same old and seriously, for a farm girl, that's just really boring!

Anyways, its really late and so I suppose I better be getting ready to go to bed. I will try to write more, although I recollect saying something like this before :)

Right, well good night for now and YIPPEE KAYAAAYAAAAAY!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Time Flew - Flu Time

You know the feeling where you feel completely detached from your body yet you can still feel pain and emotion? Well, that's pretty much where I am today. I have had a migraine for three days now and incredible neck pain which has plagued me even in my dreams. I was just talking to one of my work colleagues and she totally freaked out because my eyes just glazed over. Really weird as I wasn't aware of it.
And this whole emotion thing is getting on my nerves because I have never been happier in my life since coming here to England and yet I can't shake this weird feeling that I am sad...only I'm not, seriously! Worst is that there are a few pivotal decisions I need to make and arrangements to make as well but I would love to just go to bed and not have to think about them until I am capable of forming a properly coherent thought. Right now I am just rambling, hoping to make it through the day without worrying anyone or making a fool of myself by tearing up.
I guess I know what the problem is, really....I'm homesick. And sick.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Exam Excruciation

Today did not exactly go as I had planned...then again, nor did yesterdsay! Here's the days' events as I remember them. They might not be in precise order but that's because I am completely bushed and not quite myself. Remeber that as you carry on reading because there might be time when I probably won't make any sense at all.

Yesterday morning I got into work nice and early, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Ever the optimist I was ready for whatever came my way. A flooded bathroom in an open plan office was not quite what I had in mind but nevertheless, it did add a bit of spice and excitment for a monday morning. I got the porters and estates people in and told them it was a major emergency as there was open cabling all over the floor and water on that would not be a good idea. Two hours later I was asked whether or not I would mind helping the exams team with the exams that were being written. I had to help direct the students to the stations that they needed to be at. I agreed as it was the ideal opportunity to get away from my desk and onto a different floor. In order to get up to the exams in time I dashed off to the shop to grab a salad and some juice for lunch. The salad was good, the juice horrible. After twenty minutes I got the worst stomach cramps ever and within another ten minutes I was in excruciating pain and I was doubled up at my desk in agony. It wasn't fun at all and I was thinking that I should pull out of helping at the exams but I just couldn't after seeing the one lady's face when she came down before the break. She was shattered and they really needed the help so I bit my lip and told her I would come up earlier and help. THe look on her face was reward enough and went a long way to make the pain disappear. Half an hour later the pain was more real than before and definitely not gone. Before 5pm I was almost in tears. I was at work until 6:30pm and then the tube was delayed as well on top of it all. Apparently I had colic which was not really normal in adults but can happen on occasion. I was the occasion. What a bummer.

When I got home I was talking with one of my flatmates and then the pain got unbearable and so I took two painkillers. Then I went back downstairs and carried on talking. Only I fell asleep on my other housemate's bed for half an hour and when I woke up I staggered up the stairs and collapsed on the bed to sleep further.

This morning my legs were killing me and my stomach had a few complaints about getting moved. I took a shower and felt a little better and then got on the tube to get to work. THere was a five minute delay and by the time I got to work I was still fast asleep. I was asked as soon as I got in whether or not I would be able to help with the exams again and so I said yes. This time I left the salad and the juice :)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this morning when I got in I realised that last night I had forgotten to turn off my computer and when I switched on my monitor I was faced with a whole bunch of messages from skype friends telling me to check out a link. And that is when everything went pear shaped and I got annoyed. My skype went into do not disturb mode and then I started getting messages from my friends saying that I was spreading a virus. I wasn't doing anything and had come in to be faced with a computer that looked as if it had had a worse night than I had and now what was worse was that I was being accused of doing something that I wasn't. Whilst I was chatting to my sister the skype thingy just started sending a message that I was not even typing!! It was incredibly freaky and I got really ticked off. EVentually this afternoon I got the IT guy out to fix my PC but even he was stumped! What a help!!

Hopefully by the time I get in tomorrow everything will be sorted out but I don't know so much, At least it hasn't affected my laptop at home.
And tomorrow is another day...whoop-de-doo!
Bring it on, I am ready for it!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cycle Blues

A long long time ago, I can still remember...and those are the beginning lyrics for some song by Madonna which I just can't get out of my head at the moment. It also reminds me of this long time ago when I was still a teenager and used to go mountain biking in the forest with my dad and younger sister. They were avid cyclists at the time whereas I was just along for the ride.

This was very obvious once we got started because all through the ride you'd hear this very soulful voice echoing through the forest "wait for meeeeeee". Yep, that was me. I inevitably got left behind no matter how fast I went because there was always something that distracted me along the way and after stopping to check it out, I would look up to find myself completely alone and after two minutes of complete aloneness in a big forest, I was also completely freaked out and any company would have been better than being by myself. This is where I developed the habit of singing to myself or talking to myself.

After that cycling was quite fun and I hardly ever noticed my tired legs or my aching back or arms. I would pedal along happily nattering away to a passing centipede or sing out to a spider dangling in the pathway, and now and then I would still let out a not quite so sorrowful "wait for meeeee" when I thought it might help. Needless to say, it didn't help very often because my dad and sister were always speeding along trying to beat their best time or tackling the most frightfully high drop-offs. I only ever went down two and because I am so attached to all my body parts, they were the only two I ever went down. The other drop offs all seemed to be whispering about which part of me they would take if I did dare to go down them so I never did. Perhaps I had too much of a wild imagination or perhaps they really would have done something unmentionable to my poor cowardly body, but I wasn't going to risk finding out!

Nowadays I don't get to go cycling anymore. I don't have a bike over here in merry old England and also, the drivers here are rather...erm...yeah I think I will stick with saying that the traffic is just a bit too heavy for my liking.

Perhaps one day I will venture out again on a cycle, but for now I am quite happy sticking to my feet which are, by the way, very reliable until they play tricks on me and trip me up!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

The following story took place quite some time ago now, a few years, to be precise. I remember it as though it were yesterday and even now its still funny and I find myself chuckling away softly to myself so as not to disturb my colleagues who already think I am completely off my rocker.

My sisters and my mom and I were happily sitting in the sitting room knitting and listening to story tapes or reading when all of a sudden then was this little scrabbling noise and a medium sized mouse ran out from under one of the couches and across the room. This caused more than a little stir amongst us and before long we had cardboard boxes and all manner of things to try and catch the mouse.
We were trying to keep him from getting into any other part of the house but this attempt failed miserably when he put his little fuzzy head down, squeaked and ran as fast as his little tiny legs could carry him to the piece of cardboard my sister (older) was holding in front of the door. She, in turn, squeaked and jumped out the way and consequently the mouse made a bold and completely unchecked dash into her bedroom.

Now we had a problem because the room was very cluttered, the were loads of places to hide and how on earth were we ever going to get him out of there?? Never fear, we're a family of many bright talents and careful plans...we just trashed the room to find the mouse, and find the mouse we did...eventually. However, before this discovery occurred we did try two other options. We first let both cats into the room. The Siamese took a quick stroll and sniff around the room and assured us there wasn't anything to be afraid of and could he now please go and get something to eat?! Whilst my little tabby nearly had heart failure when said mouse ran right over her and into the cupboard. She was a complete quivering heap of fur and was quite embarrassed when I carried her out the room and discovered that she had had a little accident on the carpet. Poor little thing, she has never liked mice and rats and I don't blame her!

Then we tried the dogs but they weren't interested in the least and were in quite a hurry to get out the room and continue playing on their jungle gym. So much for that idea then. This left us with choice number three which was to trash the room in search of the little tyrant. So we did. And a struggle of life and death ensued.

After an hour we were in the winning position. Our places in the room were as follows: Me on the bed with all the drawers from the chest of drawers and various other articles, younger sister on the floor with a pillowcase in which the unfortunate mouse was captured, and older sister in the windowsill behind the curtain crying that we mustn't 'kill the poor thing!!!'. Uh huh....well, we weren't planning on killing it, we weren't murderers! However, fate took a hand and I slipped on the bed and consequently all the drawers took a tumble to the floor and landed on the pillowcase, on top of the mouse. Well there you go then, we were quite sure he was dead. I mean, what sort of a mouse could survive that load falling on him? What mouse indeed!
We took all the things off the pillowcase, held it up and there was the little blighter still doing a little war dance of disdain because we had failed in all our miserable efforts to kill him, or so he thought. Like I said before, we weren't ever planning to kill him, just get him out the house!

We took him out to one of the fields where we let him go and he hopped off into the long grass, no doubt to go and tell his mouse family what a bunch of suckers we were and also to have a drink to calm his rattled nerves after his close escape.
The end...


Not quite. A week later he was back...this time with his family!!! It took considerably longer to evict them this time and afterwards my dad put out mouse traps. This seemed to scare them off a bit and kept them all at bay for a few months.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Move

Last night I had my first real good night's sleep in weeks and it felt absolutely wonderful! Its going to take me at least a week or more to catch up on all the sleep I have been missing out on but at least its all peaceful on the home front now and I can sit back and relax when I get home instead of being all tense and stressed and trying to avoid housemates.

The new place is absolutely amazing and in a place called Morden which is just great for me as its quiet and there are trees and birds and hardly any traffic noise and at night its quiet apart from the very occasional car that might drive past. No police sirens, or ambulance sirens or hoodies shrieking at each other or children screaming or cars dicing each other at unmentionable hours in the morning. Last night I passed out around 8pm and slept like the dead without waking up until this morning when my alarm went off. I am still tired but as I said, its probably still going to take me a while to get my normal sleeping patterns back.

Another plus point about the new place is that my flatmates are from South Africa as well and so I get to speak Afrikaans a lot more now which is wonderful as I really miss it and its sometimes hard for me to communicate in English as I think and feel in Afrikaans. Sounds weird, I know, but that's just how it is.

My travelling costs are now also much less as I bought a travel card for a month for zones three and four and take the tube to work now which only takes me a few minutes instead of the customary half an hour or more. This is very useful especially since its a much less stressful journey and instead of leaving at 06:30am in the mornings I can now leave later and still be here by 7am or half seven without having to wait for a bus or something like that. Although the down side is that I really dislike the tube but if I catch it early then there isn't anyone on it so its not all hot and sticky yet. Hurrah for that! Plus, not many people catch the train from Morden to Tooting. Most of them climb on from Tooting and onwards to take the Northern Line to City Centre. Another place I seriously dislike...City Centre. I find it dirty and smelly and disagreable and I don't go there as a general rule. I have been here for five months now and I have only been there three times. And all three of those times was for a very short period.

I've also been to Harrods but found that I started getting an anxiety attack after an hour. There were just way too many people, it was far too crowded and I must say that even on a sale pretty much 95% of the items there were way out of my price range. I did get my Die Hard Boxset for £10 which was a massive bargain so that was great. I had been looking all over the place for it and finally found it in Harrods and at a much cheaper rate than all the other places I had looked...who would ever have believed it?!

When I moved out of my old place yesterday I had a last traditional fall down the stairs which means that today I have a bad carpet burn on my elbow, bruises down my right side and I've pulled ligaments in both my left and right legs below the knee. It really hurts but at least I won't be falling down the stairs anymore......*touch wood* ~chuckle~ The new place has stairs but they aren't slippery like the other ones. So all should be well, as long as I don't run or something stupid like that.

Well, I am pretty bushed so I am going to be like Melman the Giraffe on Madagascar and go...*snore*

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Changes and more Strangers

Its been a while since I last wrote and it seems to be becoming a habit with me. Unfortunately. However, I still firmly believe that things might change since most of my life is busy changing at the most alarming rate! For instance, in the week I have had to try and find a new place to stay as well as deal with stress about leaving my job and not having another one to go to and then there is the fact that I am hardly getting any sleep and people are starting to tell me I look as though I haven't slept in weeks and I have bags under my eyes and dark circles and all the bad things you get from stressing a lot and not getting enough sleep. To top it all the arrangements I had made for new place to stay fell through the ceiling and now I have to find alternative accomodation. Its all very confusing for me and very stressful but its not something that I can't get through eventually.

I am viewing a place tonight which sounds really promising, is cheaper than the place I am staying now and I would hopefully be able to move in on Sunday as that is the day I need to be out of my current place. Worst case scenario...if this place I will be viewing tonight doesn't pan out at least I will still have a place to stay for another week as I have tentative arrangements made for student accomodation close to where I work. I will also hear this afternoon for sure whether or not I will be staying on in my current job. I really hope I can but its all up to my boss, really.

So that's pretty much what has been happening on the home front at the moment. We did get flooded out last week as well and there is still quite a lot of flooding across the country but luckily I haven't been affected by it. I feel really sorry for the people who have been hit really hard, though. In some places there isn't even any drinking water, never mind dry clothes and hoses!

Here at work the ceiling collapsed in a few places and the halls were rather full of water but they were able to get it all fixed up pretty quickly.

Well, that's about it for the moment. I will try and update my blog as much as possible in the next few weeks so that you all know what's going on. My internet access at home has also been a bit shaky so its not always possible to get online.

Greetings to you all and sorry for being so scarce!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Writers' Block

For the past few weeks I have been trying very unsuccessfully to write something worthwhile reading. And I am still trying! I don't know what it is at the moment but I am just going through a non-writing phase. I really don't like the way my writing has just fizzled up but I am assuming that it happens sometimes. I guess its because my head is so full of tunes and melodies at the moment and I need to get rid of them before any writing can take their place. Well, that's my excuse anyway, and I am sticking to it.

The problem with all these melodies is that I have no way of writing them down because I need an instrument to play them on first so that I can get the notes right. I used to use a guitar or my little dinky keyboard toy but now I don't have any of those here and so the melodies are stuck and clamouring to get out. All a bit annoying, really, since letting them out would be a great relief to me. I am saving up at the moment to get a soprano saxophone, as this is my newest little hobby. Am very eager to learn how to play one because I don't know yet but I love the sound and it gets my feet tapping and my head reeling every time I hear someone playing one. Before I buy one, though, I would like to learn a bit more about it and find out if its really the instrument for me. Am pretty much convinced that it is but one never knows, there might be a different instrument out there waiting for me to own it. So I am biding my time and being as patient as I can but it isn't easy!!

Anyways, today is one of those really looooong boring days and I am counting the hours till I can dash out of the office and go home because sleep is the thing I need right now and somehow I don't think the boss will appreciate if I am caught passed out by my computer ~chuckle~ Would make a charming picture...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Flat-Mate

Last night I spent almost two hours waiting for the new flat mate to arrive and move in. I was quite exhausted as I hadn't had any sleep for almost 48 hours and when you want to go to bed and can't its really rather tiring. Eventually she arrived and I was able to go to bed.
I rather like the new girl. She is quiet, friendly, doesn't seem to be the party animal sort and she has a soprano saxophone! This is a big thing for me as I have been thinking the past couple of weeks about actually getting a saxophone. I don't know how to play one but I want to learn. And I can hire one for a month or two and if I find it isn't for me then I can give it back. I am really excited about it as I am a music freak and love learning to play new instruments. There is, of course, no guarentee that I will actually be able to play the sax, but I am going to try really hard as they have the most beautiful sound!

And perhaps I will join a blues band in the future...who knows? :o)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was lying in bed last night thinking, which is always a dangerous thing when my brain is involved, and the one thought that kept popping in my mind was the unpredictability of romance.
Stop and think just a moment about how many times in your life someone you love has done something truly romantic, completely out of the ordinary, out of the blue, for no reason at all. Just done something so romantic that you have to pause to catch your breath.

Pity I can't ask for a show of hands now as I am really curious to know what everyones reaction was to that question.

Last night whilst I was lying there thinking, I was thinking about romantic things that men and women have done in the past. And because they made an impact on me, I have decided to write them down here to see what you think.

Scenario One

"Honey, don't you want to quickly check on the beer in the freezer to check that its cold enough? We wouldn't want them to freeze!"
"I checked them a little while back and they were still warmish, so I would leave them for a bit longer."
"But the freezer freezes things so quickly, won't you please check, just in case?"
"Alright, no problem."
So she walks to the freezer, pulls open the door...and there is a postcard addressed to her with the warmest words of love and adoration written on it.

Scenario Two

"That was a lovely meal, thank you! Since you are up, wouldn't you please go and get the chocolate that is in the cupboard?"
"Sure thing."
She walked to the cupboard, pulled out the slab of chocolate which was propped up against a little black box, which she thought was some sort of coffee as she didn't really register the name printed on the front of the box.
"That is the wrong chocolate, dear, I meant the black box behind this slab."
" I will just go and get that box then, shall I?"
And off she goes back to the cupboard but when she looks at the box she realises it isn't chocolates at all, but a box of perfume!
Once again, the knees go weak and the tears dam up.

People's ideas of romanticism differs but I must say, I really think that the woman above has definitely got herself a man who is not only romantic but his ideas of how to let her know he loves and cares about her is so out of the ordinary. Don't you think so?

I would like to marry a man like that. Not only because he is romantic but because he isn't afraid to voice his feelings. He is the type of man who makes a woman feel like a woman!

Long live romance!

Monday, June 11, 2007

100th Anniversary

I realised with a jolt of surprise that this is my 100th blog entry! Quite a feat, if I say so myself. In fact, I still remember the first day I sat down to start writing. I was enjoying myself so much that I clear lost track of the time and ended up leaving work an hour and a half after closing time ~chuckle~

I was trying to think of something that I could write about to mark this most singular occasion but I couldn't think of anything. This is rather a terrible thing for me as I wanted to make this entry really memorable. Guess that won't be happening this time around!

Good thing I don't have to get up and give a speech or something like that as I would probably stand there with a mouth full of teeth and hum and haw like a humkey (hummingbird/donkey). Either that or I would crack a silly joke about how I have written 99 entries and on my 100th entry I get writer's block!

Well, since I honestly don't know what to write, I will just stop here and go and find myself some work to keep me out of mischief until home time!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

How To Fool My Mind

I have tried to write this post at least ten times today but each time I erase it and sign out and do something else, yet not writing it is bugging me as I have had the whole day to write on my blog and I haven't used it!

Personally, I think what bugs me the most is that at the moment my creative streak has just disappeared and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I promised my best friend that I would write lyrics to a song but somehow I can't force the words out. I have them all inside of me but something is just blocking them from coming out. After years of reading about writer's block, I now know exactly what it is!

There are so many memories I would like to write about but the phrases are all jumbled in my mind and don't want to appear in the correct order on the screen. Its all very annoying, to be honest, and I can't figure out what on earth is wrong with me. Its as though some essential part of my being is missing and I need to find it before I can regain my equilibrium......did I just use all those big words?? See, its not at all like me. I am using big words, writing complete jumble quirk and not making any rational sense at all.

This past week has been filled with long hours of waiting for time to pass, frustrated minutes of pointless wondering around the corridors in my head, trying to make sense of the past, the present and the future. I have been having the most horrific dreams and spend my nights waking up dripping in sweat with tears streaming down my face in silent agony, feeling my body to make sure there are no wounds from the weapons being thrust at me in my dreams. I woke up the other night to find my pillow soaked with tears and all of my stuffed animals clutched tightly against my chest, my pillows flung across my room and my duvet lying bunched at the bottom of the bed. I have no remembrance of the details of the dream, only of the fear and horror I felt throughout it and the relief to be awake.

When I was a little girl I used to suffer unmercifully from bad dreams and nightmares but when I got older the dreams actually became less and less and there were times when months (and sometimes even years) went by without me having a bad dream. All of a sudden the dreams have come back and I am haunted with recurring appearances of bad people trying to wipe out my existence.

Apparently this happens when your mind is over-active and doesn't shut down at the close of the day. But why only bad dreams? Why not good dreams? Why do I have to battle against people trying to destroy me, instead of spending the time laughing with people who love me? Nobody has been able to answer this question yet I think that I have finally happened upon the answer myself.

On the days when I am worried about something or stressing about something, I will have bad dreams that night. Yet when I feel happy and fulfilled during the day and my mind is active with happy thoughts, I will have good and sweet and lovely dreams.
My mind has been so occupied with so many things, lately, that I have been inadvertantly stressing about the outcomes of decisions, work, issues at home and just life in general.

However, I am now tired of waking up afraid, tired of waking up tired. I am going to work hard at making sure I go to bed thinking of happy things and perhaps I will be able to fool my own mind.

Here's to hoping it works!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Picture of the Week

I saw this picture and it is just so beautiful I had to share it!

A Day Called Friday

Today is Friday and its just as well because I am running really low on resources. You know the way the car goes when the gas/petrol has just about hit its last fumes? Well, that is how I feel right now. Had a migraine since Monday and it just doesn't want to get any better despite painkillers, headache tablets, sleep and just about everything short of taking a whiff of the leaves!

I have been kept busy all day but now I have completed everything I needed to do and am just waiting for one of the Professors to come back to me with some exam scripts which he marked and then I will be able to complete that and be done for the day.

Then it is off to the shops for some much needed groceries and then I am going to find either a very comfortable couch or my bed, depending on which one I get to first ~chuckle~

I am also trying to get the time (and the energy, I might add) to put together a book. I was thinking of putting together all my stories in a sort of autobiography style book.
What do you think?
Comments welcome!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Trolley War

This past week has had its share of weird encounters, frustrating moments and even little bits of hilariousness which helped to make the rest of the week's awfulness just melt away...pretty much like one of those Aero Bubbles chocolates that get advertised on the telly where this hunk of a guy (according to most women although I can't say as how I agree because he just isn't my type and he uses the most corny lines ever!!!) delivers this well memorised load of squat to advertise the new Aero Bubbles chocolate balls.
I digress.

I have just had one of those hilarious yet embarrassing moments which I just had to write about whilst the memory is still fresh in my mind.

I had to go up to the fourth floor to collect some printing that had been done for one of the girls I work with and because there was such a lot, I had to take the trolley. This is never a problem except that this particular trolley has four wheels (don't they generally?) and each one has a mind of its own. I promise you, this thing moves in four different directions almost simultaneously!!! You can't push it, that's out of the question. If you try it turns into a donkey and refuses adamently to budge and you therefore end up kicking your shins on the metal bar above the wheels. After doing this once, you learn quick enough that pushing doesn't work. So you walk in front of it whilst pulling it behind you. Except that if you walk normal pace, the trolley rams up against the back of your heels and this hurts worse than kicking your shins. If you pull it alongside you, it veers off on a tangent and into whichever unsuspecting person might be coming from the opposite side.

So you have to pull it really slowly behind you whilst doing a sort of crab walk and checking that everything is still on it and you aren't leaving a trail of helplessly flailing paperwork behind you.

One other thing I learnt just now was that this trolley has dog - like qualities....never ever let it confront another trolley. I made the mistake of doing that just now put it mildly, it was a disaster! The blush is still busy fading from my cheeks and I feel as though I have just climbed out a sauna. It was really embarrassing, truly! I was walking slowly and crabbily along, minding my own (and the trolley's) business when all of a sudden the trolley took a violent swerve out in front of a guy pushing a trolley at least eight times bigger than mine. The ensuing struggle to get the trolley under control is something I really don't want to have to go through again. The poor paperwork was fluttering and flailing wildly all over the corridor and I could hardly bare to look. It took a lot of self control not to start reprimanding the trolley right then and there in front of all those onlookers (most of whom, I might add, were snickering behind their hands, hair and mustaches). The man pushing the other, now very frightened and distressed, trolley bent down and helped to collect the last of the hysteric papers and then smilingly went on his way.

After that encounter I managed to make it back to the office without anymore encounters, for which I am truly grateful.
Luckily I don't think I will be needing to use the trolley again soon. I have put him back in solitary confinement!

Picture of the Week

Perhaps you ought to think twice before leaving hubby to babysit the kids whilst you go out shopping? ~chuckle~

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pinch me, I'm Dreaming

I have been thinking that I need to put a big sign on my computer which says "WRITE ON YOUR BLOG!!!" However, I do have something to tell now.

On Thursday I found out something which I think I would rather not have known but which I didn't have much chance in avoiding. The teller of this juicy (or not) piece of information is one of my work mates and she found great relish in telling me. I suppose by now you are all on tenterhooks to find out what it was precisely that she told me.
Well, it is merely this.

I work in Corridor 9 of a hospital and my office is located in the old psychiatric ward. I had quite reconciled myself to this fact and even managed to fit in pretty well ever since the porters found me nattering away to the doorstop which I was trying to persuade to keep the door open. The porters hardly ever come down our way now, I wonder if this is because they keep on walking in on me whilst I am talking to inanimate objects?

Anyway, I digress...not only is my office located in the old psychiatric ward, it is also just around the corner from the animal testing wards. Added to this (as though it were not enough!) my office is also situated pretty much just above the local morgue! Pretty gross, eh? Well, you'd think this would be enough to make anyone go completely crackers but we're all pretty normal, I think, in our office. Or perhaps we just like to think we are? :)

Right, that isn't all. You thought it was, didn't you? Well, you're wrong. There is one more thing. Remember the morgue? Well...on Friday there was the most absolutely awful smell coming from down the corridor. I had to open the windows and put the air-conditioning on full just to get the smell out of the office. Oh, don't get excited...that's not all! Apparently someone had per accidentally switched off the plug in the morgue and (sensitive readers stop reading here!) some of the bodies had started decomposing. Totally and absolutely gross, isn't it?!

The news doesn't stop here. On Friday morning I went into work, as usual, only I thought that I had overslept and since I didn't look at my watch (don't ask me why, I just didn't think to do it) I ended up being two hours early instead of two hours late! So there I was, sitting at my desk at 06:30am. I felt such a numnut!
Hang on...ah yes, I was getting to my next piece of news. Around 9am I went down to the post room to collect the post but as I neared it I noticed that there was quite a commotion and there were a lot of security officials milling around looking lost. I toddled over to have a look and found my buddy the postman looking quite distressed. I asked him what was going on he said that when he had opened up one of the post bags and thrown out the post, something had started ticking. Well, whoop-de-doo! That was enough to have me running for my life back down the very long and depressing corridor 9, except that my curiousity got the better of me and so I waited around to find out what the ticking package was. It turned out to be a gadget which was supposed to be hand delivered to one of our testing labs, but whoever sent it was too lazy to get it hand delivered and so popped it into special post. This caused such huge consternation in the hospital reception that it took two hours and five security officials to clear it up. I mean, for all we know it could have been a bomb, seeing as there are animal testing labs and we have a lot of animal rights activists screaming for our blood. I do find it unfair, however, that we poor innocent people merely working in the hospital and not with the animal testing, should get punished for something we are not even a part of.
Right, perhaps I am a little off track here since it wasn't a bomb, but it could have been! And where would we all be then, I wonder? Perhaps not safe and sound at home, that's for sure!

Anyways, it was certainly an interesting week last week and this week hasn't started out too badly. I merely got snowed under heaps of paperwork and tomorrow there is the promise of more.

Forget summer...we're into paperwork winter!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Written in Ireland

4th May, 2007

Rolling, green lawns. Fields of yellow and skies of blue, dotted with clouds of puffy...errr...poofy...that's it, POOFY white clouds - the sky, I mean, not the yellow fields. Or perhaps they are. You know what, perhaps I just need a large padded room and tranquilisers. Erm...on second though, lets forget the tranks. I am scared of needles.

Riiiiiight.....I got seriously off track there for a second. What is really happening is that I am amongst the Irish for the weekend and I am having such a great time that I've gone cracker-angel. In other words, I have gone completely off my rocker; nuts, bonkers, insanely, inanely, hilariously mad! ~chuckle~ As if you couldn't tell that just from reading the first three lines. I wonder at you persevering through this far already!

The reason for this madness has not yet been made apparent but most people here seem to think that this is just the way I normally am. Should I share the truth with them now or later? Now might not be a good time because they could just decide to refuse to feed me and put me in solitary confinement for the rest of the weekend...TRAGEDY!!!

Seriously, though, the weather is absolutely fabulous and I am so far really enjoying myself. We are a group of 18, three little kids included, and we are split up into three bungalows. The single men are all in one bungalow, the single women in another and then two couples with the kids in a third.


On Friday four of us went to a nearby pub and had a pint of beer. It was really lovely and we had a good laugh. I will post as many pictures of my trip as possible on my next post but I am struggling to get them onto the computer at the moment so I can't put them on right now. They will follow hopefully tomorrow or Monday.
On Sunday we went to Tara Hill and explored the ruins there. I took a load of pictures and have some really great ones. Then we went into the little curio shop and I bought a beautiful necklace with a harp on it made from crystal. My one tourist concession :) Before we went to Tara we did go to New Grange which was quite an experience although I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as running around outside on the hills in the driving rain and ice and wind at Tara. I got quite soaked to the skin and it was just the GREATEST! I love being outside in the rain and the fresh air. Its one of the most pleasurable things in life, to be able to breathe in deeply of fresh air and smell the wet soil and grass and see everything glisten like precious jewels when the sun comes out. Truly beautiful!

The Monday we went to a mall and a museum...hang on, I missed out Sunday evening when we went to a local pub and entertained the local Irish pubbers with songs. The one guy in our group plays guitar really well and our tour guide had organised with the bartender that we could have a sing-a-long in the pub so when we got there we first had something to drink and then got on with the entertainment. Before the evening was out we had some drunk Irishmen requesting songs and shouting for us to sing more and they evening joined in some of the time and they cheered us on as well. When we left they begged us to play just one more song but we had a long day coming up and so we needed to get back to the bungalows to get some sleep.

Monday we went to a mall and a museum and I got to see a brass band performing and there was this hilarious guy on a unicycle who got me and another lady in our group to dance and do the swing right outside on the street in front of the band. And then I tried out a few of my funny faces on the drummer in the brass band and he forgot his place and got completely confused. I couldn't help giggling at that but I didn't interrupt the playing again. Right when they played "Singing in the Rain" from the musical, the rain came thundering down and they had time to play one more song before they got blown away by the very hard winds.
It was just great, though, and I really enjoyed it.

That evening we went to a really old gaelic pub and I got a postcard signed by the co-owner and everything. Totally awesome! She begged the guitarist to fetch his guitar and play and she tried her hardest to get me to sing but we didn't rise to the bait. The only time I sing without accompaniment is when I am working or just when I am really happy. I can't do it on demand, though. We did feel really flattered, though, that she had asked us. We did promise to go back there one day and do a performance for her and the regulars. She said we would be welcome anytime :)

And on Tuesday we flew back home. It was a really bumpy ride and our pilot only learned on the flight over the difference between acceleration and braking! It was really scary and I thought for sure we were going to crash. It was the scariest flight of my life!!!

Well now, that is the long and short of my weekend. As I said before, photos shall follow!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I haven't disappeared...

I am still here, I promise! I have shamelessly neglected my blog these last few days but I have good reason.....I have been in beautiful Ireland :) It was absolutely breathtaking and I enjoyed every minute of it. I shall write about it as soon as I get a chance but right now is not that time. I have food on the stove and a glass of wine which is just asking for attention ~chuckle~

So I shall write and update soon, I promise!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Who who?

You owl!

Okay, I have obviously been alone in this office too long! All my work colleagues upped and left at 4pm and I am still sitting here waiting to leave. I think that I am going to pack it in now, though, because its only another ten minutes to go and I can't bear this office any longer! I am starting to go if you hadn't guessed it by the above :)

Psychiatrics Rule the World

I'm going to let this picture speak the 1000 words which I would normally type up. After all...a picture paints a thousand words....doesn't it? Or does it type a thousand...or is it a hundred....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of Hibernation....I think!

Being a bit scarce in the writing department seems to be something I am becoming scarily good at and I am not sure I like the idea of that much! I will definitely have to change this very bad habit somehow.
Working in a medical school which is linked to a hospital is not quite as bad as I thought it would be. Except for some of the creepy medical students ~chuckle~ And the loooooong and dank and dark and thoroughly depressing corridor which I have to walk down to get to my office.
My work colleagues are really awesome, as is my boss, and I am enjoying myself immensely down here in the psychiatric ward....what? Didn't I mention I worked in the section which used to be the old psychiatric ward? Well, it must have slipped my mind whilst I was walking down the corridor trying to remember that I had to remind myself to write and tell you all that I was still alive and well. Now you know...mission accomplished!
I've also become aquainted with the local dentist and she is really lovely, doesn't hurt me, and actually does a really good job. Not like the excuse for a dentist who was going to do a root canal on a tooth that doesn't even need it! Plus the previous root canal done was a very shabby job and the filling he put in my other tooth was the worst job ever! So I am finally able to actually chew on both sides of my mouth now, but I still have to go back in two weeks time for a final visit (hopefully!) and then all will be good.
I've made friends with the postman over here in the hospital and every day I go in and collect the post for the office. Its loads of fun because the first time I went in there I made him laugh by totally confusing myself and him on which pigeon-hole was actually ours! And ever since then whenever I go in we have a quick chat and a chuckle and then my day is made. Its just awesome!
The porters think I am absolutely off my rocker ever since they caught me talking to my doorstopper. And since then they have been really scarce down this side of the corridor and they steer clear of my office whenever they are down here. ~laughs~ its just so funny that I have to laugh every time I think of it.
The weather has been just perfect ever since I got here and except for two days of rain its been dry and sunny and warm. I noticed this morning that I have an alarming amount of freckles congregating on the bridge of my nose, crowding out all the old freckles and pushing them over the slight bump I have (due to a lamp post that appeared out of nowhere!) and onto my cheeks. The sun cream I have doesn't seem to be doing what it should, instead it is acting as a growth hormone for the freckles. Perhaps I should copy it and patent it and then sell it for people who actaully want freckles!
Its almost time for me to trot off up the depressing corridor and go and drop off some lecture handouts for one of the Professors so I will stop here with this most amusing and entertaining epic monologue (I love using loads of long words) and carry on some other time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lets All Go On A Summer Holiday

I have been itching to get some time to write and now I finally have the chance and its really good to have my fingers flying over the keys again. Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and being able to write about so many things is just so wonderful because it is a way for me to voice all the random thoughts that pop around in my head every day.

These past two weeks or so have absolutely just flown past and I can barely remember what all has happened except that its been a whirlwind of fun and adventure and in between that a few tears and trials and tests but overall its been just absolutely GREAT! Life without the trials and tests wouldn't be much good anyways as then there would be no way to develop character, so I am quite thankful for them. I believe that in the last few weeks since getting here I have grown quite a bit in maturity and have perhaps gained the little bit of wisdom I lost when they pulled my teeth a few years back.

The summer is here and its glaringly obvious. Not only from the wonderfully sunny weather, but from all the very excruciating fashion statements which the people around here are making. Each day I see something new that just gives me absolute indigestion and I wonder how people can wear something like that and actually think they look good enough to be seen in the public! I saw one guy today who badly needed a belt to keep up the three sizes too big denims and who had quills and studs sticking out of his face to such an extent that at first I thought he was clutching a porcupine in his mouth. I nearly caused an accident in aisle nine, amongst all the flour and bread, because I couldn't take my eyes off the outrageously dressed teenager in what looked to be a tutu and boob-tube with mickey mouse shoes and striped knee-highs with pom-poms! Seriously though, I honestly don't know what this world is coming to...unless its a complete stop!

Its been really hot lately and everyone is out in the park as much as as little as possible. Today the park was crawling with half naked pop idol wannabes, sunbathers scrounging for attention from passersby and squirrels gorging themselves on the fast food throw-aways. It was indeed a sight to behold. I was thinking that going to the beach would be a great idea but if the park looks this bad...what will the beach not look like?

I moseyed around in Kingston today looking for a pair of shoes and a little black cardigan to go with my designer silk dress but after four and a half hours I still hadn't found anything and so I threw in the towel and went home. Then I watched this really hilarious movie called "The Goonies" and totally cracked at the things those kids got up to!

One tv program I have become really fond of since getting here is "Only Fools and Horses". The humor is something else, really it is, and I inevitably laugh through each and every episode. Another movie that I saw that had me in stitches was "The Party" with Peter Sellers. I was laughing so hard I had a sore stomach the next morning because it felt as though I had been to the gym! It has to be the BEST comedy I have ever watched, and what is so funny is the fact that there was really absolutely no point to the whole movie but it was just so funny to watch.

Well, its starting to get dark now and I am getting really tired so I think that I will get a glass of juice and then go to bed. Its been good writing again and I will try to make sure that in future I write more instead of less.
Take care all!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

She went *POOF*

Guess what...???


Okay, so I have been really quiet for a long time and I do most humbly beg your pardons but I...errr...actually I have just been unaccountably lazy with my writing lately. Have been getting to bed really late and since I have started working I have been getting up really early.

I now work in a medical school and its really interesting. Tell you something else...since starting work here I have fallen down the stairs at home FOUR times!! No jokes, honestly! I've twisted my ankle, smacked my head a coupla times and also managed to hit my arm just below the elbow really hard. This hasn't helped the injury I got just before I left SA by falling on the concrete. So now I have what an ex nurse thinks is a hairline fracture. It hurts rather a lot and because it hurts I keep on smacking it!

I will be registering with a dentist today and the NHS which means that I can get my teeth looked at without paying a fortune and this time perhaps someone will get it right to actually make the pain go away instead of making it worse! I hope....

I have been freckalised since coming nose is covered in freckles as are my arms. Very weird :o)

Oh oh oh...have to be to work before I get fired!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rain rain...I'm in pain...wanna go stay in Spain...

Yep, its me again. By now I am sure everyone can see I am totally bored, really lonely and in definite need of company! I don't even mind that the phone isn't ringing much, in fact, I am really glad because the headache that started up this morning has escalated and is now developing into a migraine. The bath and bed idea is sounding better and better by the minute!

One thing I have realised is that I can never ever ever ever ever ever be a business woman and work most of my life in an office. Don't know how other women get it right but I never could. I am just longing for a nice quiet home life, raising the kids, cooking meals and cleaning the house. I thrive in that area, and really wilt in the business world.
Its not that I can't do well here, its just that its not me. I mean, its a little hard to explain but I just can't seem to reconcile myself to the whole corporate world. I'll leave it to all those other women out there. And the men. They can do a much better job than I can.

You do get to meet interesting people, though, I will say that for this place! In fact, in the four days I have worked here I have met so many interesting people and have come to like quite a few of them as well. Almost feels as though I have been here for months!

Just got off the phone with a Frenchman...couldn't understand a word he was saying and he kept calling me Madame. Eish....I'm getting quite homesick for my old job working with the farmers and joking around with them.

Today I have had endless cups of mocha coffee and coffee and espresso and hot chocolate, all in an effort to stay awake and alert, but they haven't helped much. In fact, all they have helped to do is make me have to run down the passage more times than usual :o)

As I am sitting here I keep on getting an urge to sing. I would, if I knew that I wouldn't keep on being interrupted by the phone ringing. And the people who work here aren't used to hearing someone just burst into song in the office. They classify that as really odd and weird. It might ruin my chances of getting a permanent job anyhwhere!

Almost 4pm. That means its just another one hour until I get to go home...HOORAY! I am really looking forward to it. I liked this place quite a bit and it will be weird to not come in again on Monday but I can't make up my mind whether or not I am glad about it or not. I think I might have been able to get really used to it as long as I wasn't stuck on reception all day every day. I rather liked the post room and I wasn't expecting to. I thought it would be boring but it was anything but boring! It was very interesting and I had fun. And the day passed by so quickly! Today has just crawled by but thankfully it is almost over and I can go home soon.

Its getting darker and darker now as the day progresses. Its even been raining most of the day. I don't mind since I have been stuck inside but I did really want to go for a walk during my lunch break and the rain rather spoiled that idea. Murphy's Law, I guess.

And on Monday I have an interview...perhaps two. Should be interesting, might finally get a more steady job that I can get used to and be assured of regular income. Its hard not knowing where or when the next paycheck will come. Really hard!

Remember that tune that school kids used to chant when it rained...
"Rain rain go away, come again another day" ? Well, its been stuck in my head all day now and I can't seem to get rid of it. Funny how a little rhyme or tune gets in your head and you just can't get it off your mind so you keep on humming it. I do that with that silly Spongebob song. I keep on singing out, completely out of the blue, "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?....SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!"
Whacked out, isn't it? I totally amused the people in the post room yesterday because I did it a couple of times sort of without knowing I was doing it.

The other oddity that seems to strike my fancy is walking past people, nudging them in the side and saying "widgy widgy". I mean, where does this come from???? It just amuses me and I don't know why. Truly strange, completely insane and a surefire way of getting myself booked into a house for the mentally unstable.

45 minutes to go.....



Time just can't seem to fly today, someone stole his wings...bring 'em back, THIEF!

Stressed? I'm not stressed.....

"Hello? Hello, who's this? Hello??? HEEEELLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

So, either the stress is getting to me or the people around here need to learn telephone manners...or all the phones in the area are out of order because today I have had so many times when the phone has just been slammed down in my ear and I am really getting annoyed now! Its not funny anymore. I mean, really, my feelings are starting to get hurt now. Its like the people just don't like my voice or something? Why is it when I pick up the phone and say hello blah blah, they just put the phone down on the other side? Am I doing something wrong?
(By the way, I don't say blah blah, I just put that there cos I don't want to publish the company's knew that, didn't you?)

My neck and back are giving me hell and right now the only thing on my mind is a nice hot bath, a glass of whiskey (not a fully one, mind, just a tot), some soft music and my bed! See, you can see I am stressed because that is more than just one thing, its a couple!

I just saw a stress kit on the net whilst I was browsing. Its for putting on a firm surface and then you just bang your head against it. It says to repeat step two until feeling better or until conciousness is lost. Perhaps I should try it. It might take away the pain in my neck and back :o) Then might make it worse.

Receptionist Required

Today is a change in atmosphere, for sure. Yesterday I started work at 08:00am as the receptionist but got moved to the post room by 09:00am. I worked there in a very relaxed and happy environment until it was time to leave work and it was actually a lovely day, plus the bonus part was that it flew by so quickly!!
This morning I started working as the receptionist and I am still here. I get regular breaks, though, which is nice because the phone is quite busy today. However, its not nearly as bad as it was last week Tuesday when I was feeling rather ill. Today is actually quiet, but it is loooong! Time just doesn't seem to want to move faster than a few ticks a minute and so the day is just crawling by. Thankfully I can amuse myself by recalling funny instances of my time here in London. And believe me, there are MANY!

For instance, the other day I was walking through the park minding my own business when all of a sudden these two high school boys came towards me and the one was pushing the other in a shopping cart. This in itself might not seem all that weird but what struck me was the fact that the paths are not ideal for shopping carts because they are uneven, they are winding and just not suitable for that sort of thing. Also, the wheels on the carts all turn simultaneously. So it was no surprise to me when the cart, with the guy in it, fell over. He must have got pretty hurt, I mean, it was a long sort of fall and it was onto tarmac. I stopped, pulled out my earphones and asked if he was alright. And then they started chaffing and mocking me and I was just astounded. In South Africa the guys weren't quite so blatant about stuff like this and I was quite annoyed. I guess I just wasn't expecting it. Anyways, I laughed them off and put my earphones back in my ears and carried on walking. Amazing how the people differ in different countries. I knew things would be different but some things one just doesn't expect. This was one of them.

I do suppose I will get plenty more opportunities to be shocked, though, so I better get used to it.
One just doesn't expect something like that, though.

It amuses me now, though, so thats okay :)

The weather has changed quite drastically again, as usual. Its permanently dark and cloudy now. Looks like rain but although we are waiting for the rain, it hasn't come. Can't say I'm sorry as I liked the sunshine and warm weather. It helped to get me better and because I am still fighting off the flu which keeps on threatening to come back I really don't want it to rain as that will probably bring the flu out in full force!

I'll be getting another break soon, I think. Good thing too as I need to stretch the legs a bit. Can't wait till lunch time as I'll be taking a walk along the Thames. Its just around the corner from where I am working so that will be a nice getaway. The phone is driving me MAD!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Departure

Watch the sun set in the Northern skies
It reflects the teardrops in my eyes
You're always there, so strong and true
Just one of the things I love about you.

No matter where I am in the this world
Your smile is still the best sight to behold
I carry your love buried deep in my heart
From your love and respect I cannot depart.

Poem for You

Whenever I feel sad or blue
My mind reverts to thoughts of you
To times we laughed, or smiled or sighed
And even to the times we cried.

You've brought such blessings to my life
Taken away all my worry and strife
Filled my life with sunshine and bliss
Smoothed away worry with your loving kiss.

Myself Requested

This is a very strange feeling...sitting here in the post room (feeling like a postman...errr...postwoman) and writing on my blog. This place doesn't let you get onto most sites so I can't check my mail but I can write on my blog. Very strange!

However, the reason I am writing is just to share with you all that I was personally asked for to come back and work at that company that I first got a job for. The one thing I wasn't expecting happened and it made me feel so good, just knowing that the way I worked seemed to make some sort of an impact. I mean, if I didn't do good work then they wouldn't have phoned my recruitment officer and asked for me personally by name. So it most certainly was a good feeling and when the phone call came through yesterday morning I was feeling a little down so it came at just the right time. Definitely a lift for me!

Today, I came in early and worked on the switchboard for about 45 minutes and then I moved into the post room and its been the most amazing experience! I really like working in here, its relaxed and fun and just peaceful although quite rowdy. The people I am working with are just so humorous and I don't think that they know they are funny. I am enjoying myself today, and there is a lot less stress involved and I also don't have to talk all the time, which is rather nice since although my sisters insist I have a big mouth and like to talk a lot, I do sometimes like to not talk....if that makes any sense at all, which I have a feeling it won't really :)

Okay, so I am sitting here and I've been thinking that I might just compile all the entries here in my blog, into a book. Someone gave me the idea and this one author just happened to mention it to me a little while back and so I have been carrying the idea around in my head for a bit and it is starting to sound better and better. Problem is...would anyone want to buy a book entitled "The Life and Times of Angel Weed" ? It does sound rather catching and some of my friends think I can pull it off but I suppose I lack a little self confidence in that area.

More news is that I finally got my internet up and running in my room at home so that I can now chat, check mail, write and work on compiling that book of mine whilst I am at home. This way I don't have to try and find a computer somewhere with internet access and I can do it whenever I want to. This is most definitely more convenient.

Oh oh oh! I have to tell you about the lift ride. Its just a classic!

The other day I had to go to the job centre to get information about getting myself registered and getting an National Insurance Number. So I walk up these really dodgy looking stairs and then into this really filthy building and I see the lift that I need to get into to get to the second floor. I step into it and there are two other people in it already. I push the button for the second floor and this double encased steel enforced door shuts with a thud and the lights go off. Then this deep male voice informs us that we are going up...I totally flipped! I closed my eyes, held onto the railing and chanted "I don't like lifts, I want to go home, I don't like lifts, I want to go home...let me out, let me out, LET ME OUT!" until we got to the second floor. When the lift stopped and I opened my eyes, the other two people were squished up against the side of the lift with eyes round as saucers. I just looked at them and stepped out, breathing a sigh of relief. Then I walked into the job centre and had to stand in a queue for about twenty minutes. Whilst doing this I amused myself by staring at the security guards and making quirky faces. I nearly cracked up laughing at their facial expressions!
After I got the information I wanted, I had to go back down in the lift. I got in and once again there were two people in there with me. I closed my eyes and started muttering and whispering "Lemme out, oh please lemme out!" until we reached the ground floor upon which I darted out the lift and dashed into the safety of the mall. Of course, this is rather relative since I ran into a gentleman who tried to get me to sign up to get my name on an energy and gas bill. I informed him I already had that privelage and then he just rolled right on and started talking to me about this and that and the other. It was just so funny yet so sweet, I couldn't stop him. Shame, I think he just needed to talk to someone. Anyways, after that I decided I really needed a coffee so I stopped at home to get one and then got stuck there and ended up watching a movie.
All in all it was a very interesting day!

The best of it all is that each day has been filled with interesting things! And its bound to get more interesting.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Fruit Bowl of Life

I think that life is like a fruit bowl…I mean, there are so many different people in this world and each one is unique in a very similar way. No two apples are the same, yet they are still both apples. Is this making any sense? I guess not too much but it made sense when I was thinking about it. Anyways, I have noticed since being in this very differently strange country that there are a couple of different sorts of people. Especially in the area where I am staying.

Let me list them.

1. The Weird

2. The Dodgy

3. The Strange

4. The Scary

5. The Hilarious

6. The Nice

So, those are the six different sorts of people I have met so far. Or become acquainted with. Its been quite an education for me, I must tell you! Firstly, I never thought to meet quite so many scary people in this place but obviously where I come from there are just less obviously scary people. I was walking down the street the other day and nearly passed out from fear when what I think was a guy walked up to me. He was wearing jeans (or what I suspect were jeans but which might have been the window cleaner’s rags which he had borrowed) with a reddish kind of shirt thingy that was missing half its buttons and then he had on trainers which looked to be a size which could Bigfoot himself! His arms were tattooed with snakes and a dragon tongue or something to that effect could be seen emerging from behind his ear. And that’s not all, there is more. He had studs through his lips, two nose rings, a whole couple of earrings and some sort of bullet effect coming out of his eyebrow. As if this wasn’t scary enough…the most remarkable feature was his hair! It must have been (with no exaggeration) at LEAST a foot and a half high and it was colored bright lime green with pink streaks and it was spiked. I totally nearly passed out, really I did. I choked, gasped, spluttered and pretended to cough but my eyes were as big as saucers and I think he might have noticed something J

That was the scary.

Then there is the Weird. This pretty much covers the population who walk around in big groups laughing at nothing, spitting chewing gum all over the streets and looking like they are glued to their mobiles whilst swaggering around tripping over their jeans because they left their belts behind…or they just don’t possess them. All this in the name of fashion.

The Strange sort of fall into the same category as the weird except that instead of the younger generation it’s the OLDER generation!! Which then also lists them in the Dodgy category. Although with the Dodgy also comes the gang members, the early twenties who hang around smoking weed, swearing like sailors (although not with quite the same effect) and who litter in the park.

And then there is the Hilarious. I think that all of the above fall into this category but there is just one more additive here and that is the group who are pretty much misfits but who aren’t aware of that fact and who keep on trying to copy the style and general appearance of all the other groups thrown together.

Walking through the mall here is like watching a motion picture…and the bonus is that you get to be in it whilst not really being a part of it.

The best of all these groups is definitely the Nice category. These are the people whom I greet whenever I walk through the mall or through the park, those I have met and who do not really classify as being in any of the above groups because their character as well as their general “normal-ness” sets them apart from all the rest.

What amuses me the most, though, is how any one of these groups would classify me?

For instance, I was walking through the mall yesterday and I kept on walking in circles and then would have to turn around and walk back the way I came because I wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted to go in. And then as soon as I would walk into a shop and would come back out I would go in the wrong direction again and would have to turn around and then walk back in the other direction and so it went on and on until I did it for a final time and stopped just there in the middle of the center, stamped my booted foot and muttered “Bugger! I did it again!!! I really must STOP doing this!” The security guard was standing just behind me and I hadn’t seen him but I did hear this muffled chuckle coming from behind me and I swung around still with a fierce frown on my face, which must have scared him because his eyes went huge and round, and the smile was wiped completely off his face. Shame. I felt real bad and so I gave him a completely angelic smile and apologized most profusely for frowning at him and explained that I get lost all the time and it was driving me mad. He smiled again and then pointed me in the right direction. And ever since then I have become a source of amusement for the guards as they always watch me to see how many times I have to spin on my heel and walk in the opposite direction. I am sure they are counting by now!

Either that or they are wondering when would be the right time to call the green van !

All in all its been a pretty educating few weeks. I look forward to the coming few weeks. Especially since I might actually have a full time job soon. I got a call this morning about a job and so I am really excited…well, not really excited. It means I will need to catch a tube and to be perfectly honest, I am quite terrified of them. I have never been on one before but I just don’t like the sound of them, the idea of them or the reality of them.

The other job which is in the pipeline is for a place called Tooting which is really nearby and can be reached by bus. This will make life easier, although I don't know yet how much it pays or what it all entails. I will hear later today whether or not I merit an interview.

Well, I am going to leave it at that for now, time has run out and I still have to put the chicken in the oven to start cooking else I am never going to eat tonight!

Take care, all!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Illness Squared and Quarentined

This is a very sad state of affairs indeed *sniff* *cough* *sneeze*
It seems that I am still capable of getting sick and its not a nice reminder! I slept through most of today, had to take time off my first job and it wasn't cool at all!!! I got home from work yesterday and I was feeling really awful and weak and so I just fell into bed and slept. When my alarm woke me up this morning I could barely open my eyes, my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool and my body ached all over and I had a fever. I switched off the alarm, set it for 8am and then passed out again. When the alarm went off for the second time I was still so groggy I could barely make the call to work to let them know I wouldn't be coming in. I left a most incoherent message ~chuckle~ and then phoned the recruitment agency to let them know I was sick as well. And then I went back to sleep and didn't wake up till much later. Then I moved myself to a couch as the bed was getting really uncomfortable, and then I slept further, after dosing myself with vitamin C and some other stuff.

I woke up later on and was feeling a bit better but I still have a really sore throat and my chest is just aching like nobody's business. Plus I have a very bad cough which is making everything worse. I should be grateful for small mercies, though, since I am not losing brain fluids through a drippy nose nor do I have ear ache and my migraine is gone now. Thankfully!!

I found out that most of the people at the office are in quarentine today due to the fact that they all have viral infection and flu. I hope I am not going to get that! I think my illness is just due to the fact that I got rather wet yesterday (the weather has turned freezing and we have even had small doses of snow!!!) and then walked into an office where the central heating was on full blast and then I had to go out again and then come back in and so I was constantly going from cold to hot. It is not good.

I got a mail this morning from the recruitment agency girl to let me know that they had to send in a whole bunch of other temps to take over since half the people were sick :o) And then I was told I didn't need to go back in tomorrow which is fine with me since I know that I am going to need at least another day of sleeping mostly before I am completely better and if I were to go back into that environment of illness now I would just get more ill than ever. So I am glad of the respite.

Well, now that I am ill, the weather has decided to warm up a bit. I am most grateful for this as there is nothing worse that ice cold weather when one is sick, especially when all you want to do is be out and about in the sun.

Things are still going well and I am still loving it here. I don't think anything can change my mind there. I just get more and more attached to this place. I even got inspired for some more writing!
I shall add my newest little poems in seperate entries.
For now, this is all the news I have. Sorry for being so quiet lately!!!