Friday, April 27, 2007

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Who who?

You owl!

Okay, I have obviously been alone in this office too long! All my work colleagues upped and left at 4pm and I am still sitting here waiting to leave. I think that I am going to pack it in now, though, because its only another ten minutes to go and I can't bear this office any longer! I am starting to go if you hadn't guessed it by the above :)

Psychiatrics Rule the World

I'm going to let this picture speak the 1000 words which I would normally type up. After all...a picture paints a thousand words....doesn't it? Or does it type a thousand...or is it a hundred....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of Hibernation....I think!

Being a bit scarce in the writing department seems to be something I am becoming scarily good at and I am not sure I like the idea of that much! I will definitely have to change this very bad habit somehow.
Working in a medical school which is linked to a hospital is not quite as bad as I thought it would be. Except for some of the creepy medical students ~chuckle~ And the loooooong and dank and dark and thoroughly depressing corridor which I have to walk down to get to my office.
My work colleagues are really awesome, as is my boss, and I am enjoying myself immensely down here in the psychiatric ward....what? Didn't I mention I worked in the section which used to be the old psychiatric ward? Well, it must have slipped my mind whilst I was walking down the corridor trying to remember that I had to remind myself to write and tell you all that I was still alive and well. Now you know...mission accomplished!
I've also become aquainted with the local dentist and she is really lovely, doesn't hurt me, and actually does a really good job. Not like the excuse for a dentist who was going to do a root canal on a tooth that doesn't even need it! Plus the previous root canal done was a very shabby job and the filling he put in my other tooth was the worst job ever! So I am finally able to actually chew on both sides of my mouth now, but I still have to go back in two weeks time for a final visit (hopefully!) and then all will be good.
I've made friends with the postman over here in the hospital and every day I go in and collect the post for the office. Its loads of fun because the first time I went in there I made him laugh by totally confusing myself and him on which pigeon-hole was actually ours! And ever since then whenever I go in we have a quick chat and a chuckle and then my day is made. Its just awesome!
The porters think I am absolutely off my rocker ever since they caught me talking to my doorstopper. And since then they have been really scarce down this side of the corridor and they steer clear of my office whenever they are down here. ~laughs~ its just so funny that I have to laugh every time I think of it.
The weather has been just perfect ever since I got here and except for two days of rain its been dry and sunny and warm. I noticed this morning that I have an alarming amount of freckles congregating on the bridge of my nose, crowding out all the old freckles and pushing them over the slight bump I have (due to a lamp post that appeared out of nowhere!) and onto my cheeks. The sun cream I have doesn't seem to be doing what it should, instead it is acting as a growth hormone for the freckles. Perhaps I should copy it and patent it and then sell it for people who actaully want freckles!
Its almost time for me to trot off up the depressing corridor and go and drop off some lecture handouts for one of the Professors so I will stop here with this most amusing and entertaining epic monologue (I love using loads of long words) and carry on some other time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lets All Go On A Summer Holiday

I have been itching to get some time to write and now I finally have the chance and its really good to have my fingers flying over the keys again. Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and being able to write about so many things is just so wonderful because it is a way for me to voice all the random thoughts that pop around in my head every day.

These past two weeks or so have absolutely just flown past and I can barely remember what all has happened except that its been a whirlwind of fun and adventure and in between that a few tears and trials and tests but overall its been just absolutely GREAT! Life without the trials and tests wouldn't be much good anyways as then there would be no way to develop character, so I am quite thankful for them. I believe that in the last few weeks since getting here I have grown quite a bit in maturity and have perhaps gained the little bit of wisdom I lost when they pulled my teeth a few years back.

The summer is here and its glaringly obvious. Not only from the wonderfully sunny weather, but from all the very excruciating fashion statements which the people around here are making. Each day I see something new that just gives me absolute indigestion and I wonder how people can wear something like that and actually think they look good enough to be seen in the public! I saw one guy today who badly needed a belt to keep up the three sizes too big denims and who had quills and studs sticking out of his face to such an extent that at first I thought he was clutching a porcupine in his mouth. I nearly caused an accident in aisle nine, amongst all the flour and bread, because I couldn't take my eyes off the outrageously dressed teenager in what looked to be a tutu and boob-tube with mickey mouse shoes and striped knee-highs with pom-poms! Seriously though, I honestly don't know what this world is coming to...unless its a complete stop!

Its been really hot lately and everyone is out in the park as much as as little as possible. Today the park was crawling with half naked pop idol wannabes, sunbathers scrounging for attention from passersby and squirrels gorging themselves on the fast food throw-aways. It was indeed a sight to behold. I was thinking that going to the beach would be a great idea but if the park looks this bad...what will the beach not look like?

I moseyed around in Kingston today looking for a pair of shoes and a little black cardigan to go with my designer silk dress but after four and a half hours I still hadn't found anything and so I threw in the towel and went home. Then I watched this really hilarious movie called "The Goonies" and totally cracked at the things those kids got up to!

One tv program I have become really fond of since getting here is "Only Fools and Horses". The humor is something else, really it is, and I inevitably laugh through each and every episode. Another movie that I saw that had me in stitches was "The Party" with Peter Sellers. I was laughing so hard I had a sore stomach the next morning because it felt as though I had been to the gym! It has to be the BEST comedy I have ever watched, and what is so funny is the fact that there was really absolutely no point to the whole movie but it was just so funny to watch.

Well, its starting to get dark now and I am getting really tired so I think that I will get a glass of juice and then go to bed. Its been good writing again and I will try to make sure that in future I write more instead of less.
Take care all!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

She went *POOF*

Guess what...???


Okay, so I have been really quiet for a long time and I do most humbly beg your pardons but I...errr...actually I have just been unaccountably lazy with my writing lately. Have been getting to bed really late and since I have started working I have been getting up really early.

I now work in a medical school and its really interesting. Tell you something else...since starting work here I have fallen down the stairs at home FOUR times!! No jokes, honestly! I've twisted my ankle, smacked my head a coupla times and also managed to hit my arm just below the elbow really hard. This hasn't helped the injury I got just before I left SA by falling on the concrete. So now I have what an ex nurse thinks is a hairline fracture. It hurts rather a lot and because it hurts I keep on smacking it!

I will be registering with a dentist today and the NHS which means that I can get my teeth looked at without paying a fortune and this time perhaps someone will get it right to actually make the pain go away instead of making it worse! I hope....

I have been freckalised since coming nose is covered in freckles as are my arms. Very weird :o)

Oh oh oh...have to be to work before I get fired!