Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was lying in bed last night thinking, which is always a dangerous thing when my brain is involved, and the one thought that kept popping in my mind was the unpredictability of romance.
Stop and think just a moment about how many times in your life someone you love has done something truly romantic, completely out of the ordinary, out of the blue, for no reason at all. Just done something so romantic that you have to pause to catch your breath.

Pity I can't ask for a show of hands now as I am really curious to know what everyones reaction was to that question.

Last night whilst I was lying there thinking, I was thinking about romantic things that men and women have done in the past. And because they made an impact on me, I have decided to write them down here to see what you think.

Scenario One

"Honey, don't you want to quickly check on the beer in the freezer to check that its cold enough? We wouldn't want them to freeze!"
"I checked them a little while back and they were still warmish, so I would leave them for a bit longer."
"But the freezer freezes things so quickly, won't you please check, just in case?"
"Alright, no problem."
So she walks to the freezer, pulls open the door...and there is a postcard addressed to her with the warmest words of love and adoration written on it.

Scenario Two

"That was a lovely meal, thank you! Since you are up, wouldn't you please go and get the chocolate that is in the cupboard?"
"Sure thing."
She walked to the cupboard, pulled out the slab of chocolate which was propped up against a little black box, which she thought was some sort of coffee as she didn't really register the name printed on the front of the box.
"That is the wrong chocolate, dear, I meant the black box behind this slab."
" I will just go and get that box then, shall I?"
And off she goes back to the cupboard but when she looks at the box she realises it isn't chocolates at all, but a box of perfume!
Once again, the knees go weak and the tears dam up.

People's ideas of romanticism differs but I must say, I really think that the woman above has definitely got herself a man who is not only romantic but his ideas of how to let her know he loves and cares about her is so out of the ordinary. Don't you think so?

I would like to marry a man like that. Not only because he is romantic but because he isn't afraid to voice his feelings. He is the type of man who makes a woman feel like a woman!

Long live romance!

Monday, June 11, 2007

100th Anniversary

I realised with a jolt of surprise that this is my 100th blog entry! Quite a feat, if I say so myself. In fact, I still remember the first day I sat down to start writing. I was enjoying myself so much that I clear lost track of the time and ended up leaving work an hour and a half after closing time ~chuckle~

I was trying to think of something that I could write about to mark this most singular occasion but I couldn't think of anything. This is rather a terrible thing for me as I wanted to make this entry really memorable. Guess that won't be happening this time around!

Good thing I don't have to get up and give a speech or something like that as I would probably stand there with a mouth full of teeth and hum and haw like a humkey (hummingbird/donkey). Either that or I would crack a silly joke about how I have written 99 entries and on my 100th entry I get writer's block!

Well, since I honestly don't know what to write, I will just stop here and go and find myself some work to keep me out of mischief until home time!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

How To Fool My Mind

I have tried to write this post at least ten times today but each time I erase it and sign out and do something else, yet not writing it is bugging me as I have had the whole day to write on my blog and I haven't used it!

Personally, I think what bugs me the most is that at the moment my creative streak has just disappeared and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I promised my best friend that I would write lyrics to a song but somehow I can't force the words out. I have them all inside of me but something is just blocking them from coming out. After years of reading about writer's block, I now know exactly what it is!

There are so many memories I would like to write about but the phrases are all jumbled in my mind and don't want to appear in the correct order on the screen. Its all very annoying, to be honest, and I can't figure out what on earth is wrong with me. Its as though some essential part of my being is missing and I need to find it before I can regain my equilibrium......did I just use all those big words?? See, its not at all like me. I am using big words, writing complete jumble quirk and not making any rational sense at all.

This past week has been filled with long hours of waiting for time to pass, frustrated minutes of pointless wondering around the corridors in my head, trying to make sense of the past, the present and the future. I have been having the most horrific dreams and spend my nights waking up dripping in sweat with tears streaming down my face in silent agony, feeling my body to make sure there are no wounds from the weapons being thrust at me in my dreams. I woke up the other night to find my pillow soaked with tears and all of my stuffed animals clutched tightly against my chest, my pillows flung across my room and my duvet lying bunched at the bottom of the bed. I have no remembrance of the details of the dream, only of the fear and horror I felt throughout it and the relief to be awake.

When I was a little girl I used to suffer unmercifully from bad dreams and nightmares but when I got older the dreams actually became less and less and there were times when months (and sometimes even years) went by without me having a bad dream. All of a sudden the dreams have come back and I am haunted with recurring appearances of bad people trying to wipe out my existence.

Apparently this happens when your mind is over-active and doesn't shut down at the close of the day. But why only bad dreams? Why not good dreams? Why do I have to battle against people trying to destroy me, instead of spending the time laughing with people who love me? Nobody has been able to answer this question yet I think that I have finally happened upon the answer myself.

On the days when I am worried about something or stressing about something, I will have bad dreams that night. Yet when I feel happy and fulfilled during the day and my mind is active with happy thoughts, I will have good and sweet and lovely dreams.
My mind has been so occupied with so many things, lately, that I have been inadvertantly stressing about the outcomes of decisions, work, issues at home and just life in general.

However, I am now tired of waking up afraid, tired of waking up tired. I am going to work hard at making sure I go to bed thinking of happy things and perhaps I will be able to fool my own mind.

Here's to hoping it works!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Picture of the Week

I saw this picture and it is just so beautiful I had to share it!

A Day Called Friday

Today is Friday and its just as well because I am running really low on resources. You know the way the car goes when the gas/petrol has just about hit its last fumes? Well, that is how I feel right now. Had a migraine since Monday and it just doesn't want to get any better despite painkillers, headache tablets, sleep and just about everything short of taking a whiff of the leaves!

I have been kept busy all day but now I have completed everything I needed to do and am just waiting for one of the Professors to come back to me with some exam scripts which he marked and then I will be able to complete that and be done for the day.

Then it is off to the shops for some much needed groceries and then I am going to find either a very comfortable couch or my bed, depending on which one I get to first ~chuckle~

I am also trying to get the time (and the energy, I might add) to put together a book. I was thinking of putting together all my stories in a sort of autobiography style book.
What do you think?
Comments welcome!