Monday, July 30, 2007

The Move

Last night I had my first real good night's sleep in weeks and it felt absolutely wonderful! Its going to take me at least a week or more to catch up on all the sleep I have been missing out on but at least its all peaceful on the home front now and I can sit back and relax when I get home instead of being all tense and stressed and trying to avoid housemates.

The new place is absolutely amazing and in a place called Morden which is just great for me as its quiet and there are trees and birds and hardly any traffic noise and at night its quiet apart from the very occasional car that might drive past. No police sirens, or ambulance sirens or hoodies shrieking at each other or children screaming or cars dicing each other at unmentionable hours in the morning. Last night I passed out around 8pm and slept like the dead without waking up until this morning when my alarm went off. I am still tired but as I said, its probably still going to take me a while to get my normal sleeping patterns back.

Another plus point about the new place is that my flatmates are from South Africa as well and so I get to speak Afrikaans a lot more now which is wonderful as I really miss it and its sometimes hard for me to communicate in English as I think and feel in Afrikaans. Sounds weird, I know, but that's just how it is.

My travelling costs are now also much less as I bought a travel card for a month for zones three and four and take the tube to work now which only takes me a few minutes instead of the customary half an hour or more. This is very useful especially since its a much less stressful journey and instead of leaving at 06:30am in the mornings I can now leave later and still be here by 7am or half seven without having to wait for a bus or something like that. Although the down side is that I really dislike the tube but if I catch it early then there isn't anyone on it so its not all hot and sticky yet. Hurrah for that! Plus, not many people catch the train from Morden to Tooting. Most of them climb on from Tooting and onwards to take the Northern Line to City Centre. Another place I seriously dislike...City Centre. I find it dirty and smelly and disagreable and I don't go there as a general rule. I have been here for five months now and I have only been there three times. And all three of those times was for a very short period.

I've also been to Harrods but found that I started getting an anxiety attack after an hour. There were just way too many people, it was far too crowded and I must say that even on a sale pretty much 95% of the items there were way out of my price range. I did get my Die Hard Boxset for £10 which was a massive bargain so that was great. I had been looking all over the place for it and finally found it in Harrods and at a much cheaper rate than all the other places I had looked...who would ever have believed it?!

When I moved out of my old place yesterday I had a last traditional fall down the stairs which means that today I have a bad carpet burn on my elbow, bruises down my right side and I've pulled ligaments in both my left and right legs below the knee. It really hurts but at least I won't be falling down the stairs anymore......*touch wood* ~chuckle~ The new place has stairs but they aren't slippery like the other ones. So all should be well, as long as I don't run or something stupid like that.

Well, I am pretty bushed so I am going to be like Melman the Giraffe on Madagascar and go...*snore*

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Changes and more Strangers

Its been a while since I last wrote and it seems to be becoming a habit with me. Unfortunately. However, I still firmly believe that things might change since most of my life is busy changing at the most alarming rate! For instance, in the week I have had to try and find a new place to stay as well as deal with stress about leaving my job and not having another one to go to and then there is the fact that I am hardly getting any sleep and people are starting to tell me I look as though I haven't slept in weeks and I have bags under my eyes and dark circles and all the bad things you get from stressing a lot and not getting enough sleep. To top it all the arrangements I had made for new place to stay fell through the ceiling and now I have to find alternative accomodation. Its all very confusing for me and very stressful but its not something that I can't get through eventually.

I am viewing a place tonight which sounds really promising, is cheaper than the place I am staying now and I would hopefully be able to move in on Sunday as that is the day I need to be out of my current place. Worst case scenario...if this place I will be viewing tonight doesn't pan out at least I will still have a place to stay for another week as I have tentative arrangements made for student accomodation close to where I work. I will also hear this afternoon for sure whether or not I will be staying on in my current job. I really hope I can but its all up to my boss, really.

So that's pretty much what has been happening on the home front at the moment. We did get flooded out last week as well and there is still quite a lot of flooding across the country but luckily I haven't been affected by it. I feel really sorry for the people who have been hit really hard, though. In some places there isn't even any drinking water, never mind dry clothes and hoses!

Here at work the ceiling collapsed in a few places and the halls were rather full of water but they were able to get it all fixed up pretty quickly.

Well, that's about it for the moment. I will try and update my blog as much as possible in the next few weeks so that you all know what's going on. My internet access at home has also been a bit shaky so its not always possible to get online.

Greetings to you all and sorry for being so scarce!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Writers' Block

For the past few weeks I have been trying very unsuccessfully to write something worthwhile reading. And I am still trying! I don't know what it is at the moment but I am just going through a non-writing phase. I really don't like the way my writing has just fizzled up but I am assuming that it happens sometimes. I guess its because my head is so full of tunes and melodies at the moment and I need to get rid of them before any writing can take their place. Well, that's my excuse anyway, and I am sticking to it.

The problem with all these melodies is that I have no way of writing them down because I need an instrument to play them on first so that I can get the notes right. I used to use a guitar or my little dinky keyboard toy but now I don't have any of those here and so the melodies are stuck and clamouring to get out. All a bit annoying, really, since letting them out would be a great relief to me. I am saving up at the moment to get a soprano saxophone, as this is my newest little hobby. Am very eager to learn how to play one because I don't know yet but I love the sound and it gets my feet tapping and my head reeling every time I hear someone playing one. Before I buy one, though, I would like to learn a bit more about it and find out if its really the instrument for me. Am pretty much convinced that it is but one never knows, there might be a different instrument out there waiting for me to own it. So I am biding my time and being as patient as I can but it isn't easy!!

Anyways, today is one of those really looooong boring days and I am counting the hours till I can dash out of the office and go home because sleep is the thing I need right now and somehow I don't think the boss will appreciate if I am caught passed out by my computer ~chuckle~ Would make a charming picture...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Flat-Mate

Last night I spent almost two hours waiting for the new flat mate to arrive and move in. I was quite exhausted as I hadn't had any sleep for almost 48 hours and when you want to go to bed and can't its really rather tiring. Eventually she arrived and I was able to go to bed.
I rather like the new girl. She is quiet, friendly, doesn't seem to be the party animal sort and she has a soprano saxophone! This is a big thing for me as I have been thinking the past couple of weeks about actually getting a saxophone. I don't know how to play one but I want to learn. And I can hire one for a month or two and if I find it isn't for me then I can give it back. I am really excited about it as I am a music freak and love learning to play new instruments. There is, of course, no guarentee that I will actually be able to play the sax, but I am going to try really hard as they have the most beautiful sound!

And perhaps I will join a blues band in the future...who knows? :o)