Friday, September 14, 2007

Time Flew - Flu Time

You know the feeling where you feel completely detached from your body yet you can still feel pain and emotion? Well, that's pretty much where I am today. I have had a migraine for three days now and incredible neck pain which has plagued me even in my dreams. I was just talking to one of my work colleagues and she totally freaked out because my eyes just glazed over. Really weird as I wasn't aware of it.
And this whole emotion thing is getting on my nerves because I have never been happier in my life since coming here to England and yet I can't shake this weird feeling that I am sad...only I'm not, seriously! Worst is that there are a few pivotal decisions I need to make and arrangements to make as well but I would love to just go to bed and not have to think about them until I am capable of forming a properly coherent thought. Right now I am just rambling, hoping to make it through the day without worrying anyone or making a fool of myself by tearing up.
I guess I know what the problem is, really....I'm homesick. And sick.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Exam Excruciation

Today did not exactly go as I had planned...then again, nor did yesterdsay! Here's the days' events as I remember them. They might not be in precise order but that's because I am completely bushed and not quite myself. Remeber that as you carry on reading because there might be time when I probably won't make any sense at all.

Yesterday morning I got into work nice and early, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Ever the optimist I was ready for whatever came my way. A flooded bathroom in an open plan office was not quite what I had in mind but nevertheless, it did add a bit of spice and excitment for a monday morning. I got the porters and estates people in and told them it was a major emergency as there was open cabling all over the floor and water on that would not be a good idea. Two hours later I was asked whether or not I would mind helping the exams team with the exams that were being written. I had to help direct the students to the stations that they needed to be at. I agreed as it was the ideal opportunity to get away from my desk and onto a different floor. In order to get up to the exams in time I dashed off to the shop to grab a salad and some juice for lunch. The salad was good, the juice horrible. After twenty minutes I got the worst stomach cramps ever and within another ten minutes I was in excruciating pain and I was doubled up at my desk in agony. It wasn't fun at all and I was thinking that I should pull out of helping at the exams but I just couldn't after seeing the one lady's face when she came down before the break. She was shattered and they really needed the help so I bit my lip and told her I would come up earlier and help. THe look on her face was reward enough and went a long way to make the pain disappear. Half an hour later the pain was more real than before and definitely not gone. Before 5pm I was almost in tears. I was at work until 6:30pm and then the tube was delayed as well on top of it all. Apparently I had colic which was not really normal in adults but can happen on occasion. I was the occasion. What a bummer.

When I got home I was talking with one of my flatmates and then the pain got unbearable and so I took two painkillers. Then I went back downstairs and carried on talking. Only I fell asleep on my other housemate's bed for half an hour and when I woke up I staggered up the stairs and collapsed on the bed to sleep further.

This morning my legs were killing me and my stomach had a few complaints about getting moved. I took a shower and felt a little better and then got on the tube to get to work. THere was a five minute delay and by the time I got to work I was still fast asleep. I was asked as soon as I got in whether or not I would be able to help with the exams again and so I said yes. This time I left the salad and the juice :)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this morning when I got in I realised that last night I had forgotten to turn off my computer and when I switched on my monitor I was faced with a whole bunch of messages from skype friends telling me to check out a link. And that is when everything went pear shaped and I got annoyed. My skype went into do not disturb mode and then I started getting messages from my friends saying that I was spreading a virus. I wasn't doing anything and had come in to be faced with a computer that looked as if it had had a worse night than I had and now what was worse was that I was being accused of doing something that I wasn't. Whilst I was chatting to my sister the skype thingy just started sending a message that I was not even typing!! It was incredibly freaky and I got really ticked off. EVentually this afternoon I got the IT guy out to fix my PC but even he was stumped! What a help!!

Hopefully by the time I get in tomorrow everything will be sorted out but I don't know so much, At least it hasn't affected my laptop at home.
And tomorrow is another day...whoop-de-doo!
Bring it on, I am ready for it!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cycle Blues

A long long time ago, I can still remember...and those are the beginning lyrics for some song by Madonna which I just can't get out of my head at the moment. It also reminds me of this long time ago when I was still a teenager and used to go mountain biking in the forest with my dad and younger sister. They were avid cyclists at the time whereas I was just along for the ride.

This was very obvious once we got started because all through the ride you'd hear this very soulful voice echoing through the forest "wait for meeeeeee". Yep, that was me. I inevitably got left behind no matter how fast I went because there was always something that distracted me along the way and after stopping to check it out, I would look up to find myself completely alone and after two minutes of complete aloneness in a big forest, I was also completely freaked out and any company would have been better than being by myself. This is where I developed the habit of singing to myself or talking to myself.

After that cycling was quite fun and I hardly ever noticed my tired legs or my aching back or arms. I would pedal along happily nattering away to a passing centipede or sing out to a spider dangling in the pathway, and now and then I would still let out a not quite so sorrowful "wait for meeeee" when I thought it might help. Needless to say, it didn't help very often because my dad and sister were always speeding along trying to beat their best time or tackling the most frightfully high drop-offs. I only ever went down two and because I am so attached to all my body parts, they were the only two I ever went down. The other drop offs all seemed to be whispering about which part of me they would take if I did dare to go down them so I never did. Perhaps I had too much of a wild imagination or perhaps they really would have done something unmentionable to my poor cowardly body, but I wasn't going to risk finding out!

Nowadays I don't get to go cycling anymore. I don't have a bike over here in merry old England and also, the drivers here are rather...erm...yeah I think I will stick with saying that the traffic is just a bit too heavy for my liking.

Perhaps one day I will venture out again on a cycle, but for now I am quite happy sticking to my feet which are, by the way, very reliable until they play tricks on me and trip me up!