Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moving yet again...hang on...moved yet again!

Well, this is a bit weird. I have finished up working at the hospital and I am now currently unemployed yet again and in search of a job. Its a bit of a strange feeling because now I am once again searching for a job and yet I find myself strangely reluctant to actually get one. I like this whole stay-at-home habit I have got going. I got so used to cleaning the house, getting food on the stove and ready for whoever wanted to eat and making sure I had all my paperwork done that it was just awful thinking of having a full time job again. I might actually try and get a half day job or something because I just can't stomach the idea of a full time office job again. Perhaps I am too I said the word homey a while back and my colleague looked at me as though I was out of my mind! Don't know why but I guess it wasn't a good thing so I suppose I better say homely instead.

RIght, well, since I have not written for quite some time I better update you all as to what I have been up to. I have just moved (today) to the country and it is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! For the first time I can see the stars clearly and the moon is just breath-takingly beautiful tonight. I have been outside a couple of times just to look because its been so long since I have seen the moon looking so gorgeous. Also, the place I am staying in has eight cats and although they are not all as friendly as I would like, there is already one ginger one who has made himself at home on my bed which is just fine with me as I really miss my cat from back home and to have that comforting purring and presence on my bed at night will definitely help me to sleep better now in the future. Also, its just so amazingly beautiful out here and there is so much to do and so many places to go walking and jogging and there is an outside gym and I can do pilates here as I have someone to do it with plus there is a place I can go horse-riding which I wasn't able to do in London, obviously, and there is the most amazing view from my room just goes on and on!!! I can't begin to explain what a relief and a wonderful experience it is for me to be out here and I am sure that you will be hearing a lot more of all my experiences since I will probably have more time to write than I have before. Plus more things to write about. Because hey, be honest, in London, nothing much happens. Its all the same old same old and seriously, for a farm girl, that's just really boring!

Anyways, its really late and so I suppose I better be getting ready to go to bed. I will try to write more, although I recollect saying something like this before :)

Right, well good night for now and YIPPEE KAYAAAYAAAAAY!!!!!!!