Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

In the deepest, darkest reaches of middle Africa...just kidding! Actually, on the Southern tip of Africa, in a very sunny part of that tip, Angel Weed once again settles herself down to write. And then, out of nowhere, a question attacks her and breaks her thought processes and forces her to once again stand up and make her way to the kitchen where a pile (seriously, a PILE) of dishes awaits to be washed and scrubbed and polished clean.
~sigh~ Our work is never done, it never is! I've been in that kitchen ALL week washing dishes, doing some cooking and doing more washing up. Oh well, there you go, its life. Yippee yay!

Seriously, though, I was going to sit down and write this loooong intricate story but will have to cut that short until next time.

I'll be back, stay tuned ~chuckle~

P.S. I am back in South Africa, just in case you didn't catch that from the first sentence. Couldn't stand the weather in England :)