Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Promise

I used to think the world would be
A better place when rid of me
Then I changed, but so did you
You promised we would make it through

You made me choose, but said no rush
You said 'no pressure', yet you push
So I chose but now you're gone
You promised you would never run

You said you'd understand no matter what
Do you remember all of that?
I made mistakes, don't we all?
But it wasn't me who made you fall

You said no matter what we'd be fine
That your friendship would always be mine
Yet now its you that's running away
Its what you accused me of just yesterday

You said I don't know what I want
You said to chase it but I can't
I know enough to wait for you
To keep my promise to be true

The choice you make is up to you
I'll still be here no matter what you do
I know where I'm going and what I want
But I know how to wait in this instant

Someday I will have my hearts desires
I'll wait, I'll make it through these fires
Maybe one day if you really try
You will understand, you'll know why

I may be young, and stupid too
But I will remain true to you
Its a promise that I have made
Your friendship is something I cannot trade

Monday, August 11, 2008

To Make A Choice

Once again I'm standing there
Yet again too scared to share
Feelings hidden deep inside
Mind and heart are open wide

You arrived when others left
Helped me when I felt bereft
Gave me friendship strong and true
Made me need much more of you

Now I have to choose once more
Choose between two open doors
Mind says this way, heart says that
At the pitch, I have to bat

I've lived one way all of my life
To live another would just bring strife
I do not make this decision with ease
All I ask, don't hate me, please!

Its for the best, forgive me, do
Its so very hard to have to leave you
I hope that we can still stay friends
I hope our friendship never ends