Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If you leave me now...

I was sitting here last night thinking about what story I could tell you next and whilst I was sitting here thinking, I was listening to a song which gave me an idea about what to write. So, I know I have written about cycling before but only once so I thought I would write a few more lines about my cycling experiences.

Cycling isn't put both feet on the pedals and make your legs go up and down. That's what I was told quite a few years ago, but cycling is really so much more than that. Its about trust, friendship and most of all its about freedom. You become friends with your bike, learn to trust it to carry you through the ride and when you're on one you do actually feel pretty free. This might sound far-fetched to some people but once you have gotten onto a bike and are pedaling your way through a forest filled with dark corners and unknown ground, your bike becomes not only a mode of transport but also something that could cause a lot of pain when not used properly.

My bike was a Nishiki, it was blue and purple and had stickers all over it which I tried to scrub off once but instead just managed to get rid of some of the paintwork. I called my bike "She-Devil" because she never did what I wanted her to do, when I wanted her to do it. I was always in for a surprise when I got into the saddle but it made my cycling episodes very interesting. One time my sister, dad and I went into the forest to go for a ride and get some fresh air. I got a little more fresh air than I bargained for!

We were cycling happily down a little trail, going through these loop-de-loops (we called them that because they twisted, turned, looped up and over and were just all around fun!) and then all of a sudden, before I could wipe my eyes out, the others had disappeared and once again I found myself all alone. That song "If you Leave me Now" started running through my mind and I was singing along to the "oooo hoooo ooooo hooo no baby please don't go" part and so wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. Bad move! I passed a lizard who looked at me, rolled his eyes and promptly stuck his tongue out at me. Smiling, I turned to look in front of me....and I can't really remember what happened after that because next thing I knew I was flying through the air, clinging like a mad woman to my bike!

I had taken a turn and ended up on the drop-off trail. The one I went down was like a suicide trip and how I managed to make it out on the other side....well, I made it but I was completely winded, breathless and scared out of my mind! There was nothing thrilling about what I had been through. One minute I was cycling along minding my own business...well, more of less, I did wonder what the lizard was doing....when the ground suddenly disappeared and I was cycling on air! It was the biggest drop I have ever gone down and at the bottom there was a little river and some sort of makeshift bridge. I wobbled my way over it and when I got to the other side I fell off and just lay there trying to remember how to breathe and get some air ~chuckle~
In the distance I could hear someone calling and when I finally got up and dusted myself off I saw my dad and sister cycling towards me. That's when the adrenaline kicked in and I was totally pumped to tell them what I had just been through!!

My sister listened to me quietly and then charmingly pointed out that they'd been doing that particular "little" drop-off for the past ten minutes and had got bored of it so had moved on to the BIG ones. Right....pop went my little adrenaline bubble.
Oh well, it was big for me and since I am not really a cycling guru it was pretty much the top point of my cycling career.
After that little incident I started paying more attention to where I was going and less attention to the songs that were running through my mind. I certainly shan't be singing "Far Far Away" when cycling because I could end up ANYWHERE!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


You've worked all day and now its night
But there's still so much to do
Its dark outside, switch on the light
Its sad but yet so true

You should be home tucked into bed
Sweet dreams not far behind
But work is what is in your head
I think you've lost your mind

So I stay up and wait for you
To finish and drive home
Make sure you're safe, its what I do
Don't want you to feel alone

I admire what you do each day
And even working nights
I admire you in every way
Now please switch off those lights

Its time to sleep and time to dream
You've been up far too long
Soon the sun will shine her beam
You'll wake with morning song

Monday, September 01, 2008


I met a black dog with a white spot
She bounded right up to me
I was in the park, 5pm on the dot
Sitting under the old oak tree

Her eyes they pleaded "play with me"
She had even brought a log
She was very strong, that I could see
Yet seemed a lonely sort of dog

I named her Candy, it just seemed right
I took her home with me
And every day when it got light
We sat under the old oak tree


All around its green not brown
Lift me up, don't break me down
Smile and send me on my way
Smile because its Spring today

Flowers growing everywhere
Sun is shining, life is fair
I hear laughter in my dream
With picnics and cold whipped cream

I'm full of pep and zip and go
So much more than you'll ever know
The birds are singing in the trees
I've even made friends with the bees

Enjoy the Spring day whilst you can
If you're not outside then make a plan
You only get one life, you see
So why not LIVE today with me