Thursday, February 03, 2011

Milk, Cow and Boob

When I was younger and still living on the farm, I always used to wonder how the cows and goats felt whenever we milked them. I have to say, I now have a pretty good idea! Today my milk decided to produce at ten times the rate it normally does and I cannot even describe the agony I am in. So maybe its not a subject one would normally write about or discuss but I am a farm girl and I don't find this offensive or taboo ~chuckle~ In fact, its quite a big joke around my family and friends.

Little baby knows that mommy comes around lunch time to give him milk. He refuses to drink milk from a bottle because he firmly believes that milk ONLY comes from mommy's boobies. And it fact, I have to make another dash up the road to the daycare in about five minutes' time because I have enough milk to fill a swimming pool and my upper body is decidedly lopsided as one side is filled with milk and the other side is only half. It looks hilarious and to be honest its quite embarrassing as well. You wouldn't believe the looks I get when walking in town! The worst is when the milk starts to leak. It literally sprays right through my clothes and breast pads really don't seem to work too well.

One of my friends decided that it was a good idea to teach my son how to say "boob" ~smile~ He is already starting to say "cow" whenever he wants milk. I somehow don't think that it is a complement to me but anyways, he's happy so I am happy. And besides, I do actually feel a bit like a milk cow, especially when I am this full! Reminds me of this one cow my sister used to milk on the dairy farm where we worked as kids. The cow's name was Flower and she was legendary! The amount of milk that cow produced was totally incredible.

Right, well this cow needs to get her tushi in gear and get to the daycare before my shirt is completely soaked!